Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Baby A"

She's a thumb sucker - no surprise here!

We're about to have a new addition
To a family ever growing.
God has a way of planting love
Without us even knowing.

A fourth generation baby
Is about to enter our world.
We're about to witness God's Handiwork
Thru another baby girl.

How can one love one that's unseen?
The answer is plain to see.
We love this one we've not yet met
Because we love her mommy.

She'll be here before we blink.
This I know is true.
And our worlds will change yet once again
In all things old and new.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Sometimes Pictures Are . . . .

Worth . . . .

A Thousand Words!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a Morning!

Needed to run Baby Girl to the doc's this morning. Her appointment was at 8:10. She's been coughing a junky sounding cough, sneezing, and not sleeping. In general, she was - is - just plain miserable. The doctor, well, Joyce, found two ear infections and said her cough could be some kind of virus that is running around (heard that before). She sent her over to the hospital to be tested for this "virus". I don't remember what the name is, but she used initials when she spoke of it. I met Kelly there and we sat and waited until we were called back so they could collect some snot from Baby Girl's not so happy nose. Kelly should know before long what ails the poor darling. Piper, aka: Baby Girl, still continued to smile her sweet smile. She only cried when they "plunged" her tiny, and I mean tiny, little nose.

When I got home I had some minor "surgery" to perform. Helena's little bear was losing her little pink nose. (What is this with noses today?) And of course Mom-mom had the means by which to fix it. I repaired Goldilock's little bear and threw her in the washing machine along with all of Baby Girl's toys, blankets that she was using and the one she had at the doc's and hospital, her coat and her car seat cover!

Then, and only then did I get to eat breakfast.

The things we do for love.

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