Friday, January 20, 2012

Long Distant Relationships. . . .

. . . . are so very hard.  Especially when it comes to family.  Sometimes I think Jenny may as well live in Guam she is so far away.  It's not like I can just hop in the car on a whim and visit. It's a twelve hour hike, an all day affair.  No need to think about a day trip or even long weekend excursions.  It takes a good day to get there and another to get back.  Not much time for visiting!  It. Just. Plain. STINKS!

Lately Alicia has been calling me when Baby Girl goes down for her morning nap.  It is wonderful.  We chat about everything we can think of.  Today we cyber "window shopped" Wally World and Tar-ge` for dishes.  We found some pretty ones in red and black ~ her color choices for her kitchen someday.  We talked about decorating styles.  Of things she wants to accomplish.  We compared "baby notes".  We talked about school and work.  We visited via the "airway".  Then reality called my name ~ AKA ~ baby garble ~ and our visit had to end.  So we said our "I love you"'s and our "goodbye"'s.  And our day continued on ~ each of us doing the things we were called to do. 

Being so far from ones I love is a pot hole in my road called "Life".  But it is one that can be maneuvered around.  Especially when there's a comforting voice on the other side.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby Girl. . . .

. . . . . she's a growin' up.   It seems like overnight that she openly, up front declared her independence.

She takes me by the hand when she's hungry and leads me to the pantry.  She will ask for her "joose" instead of waiting for it to arrive.  She is wanting less and less help at meal time ~ or snack time.

 "If I could put time in a bottle. . . . ."

She's been using her fork for pancakes for a while.  She's got the "stab" down pretty well.  She won't however eat her sandwich by herself ~ too squishy. 

Now, all  of a sudden, she won't let me help her with the muffin ~ nope ~ had to do it herself ~ well, of course she's old enough ~ but she can't stand the feel of "squishy" in her hands ~ remember?  But, alas, here she is.  All's well initially ~ until most of the muffin consists of the squishy insides ~ then it becomes play dough. And she wants to pick the crumbs up and have me throw them away, or she realizes there's chocolate smeared on her hands, or her fingers have become slimy from the bananas and all the squishing she's doing and it begins to annoy her.  And of course, we will have none of this "let me help you eat it" stuff.  She'd rather abandon all efforts and go find something else to do ~ which is exactly what she did.  Hmmm . . . . I say. . . . . . . what's a Mom-mom to do?

~ Baby Girl ~ Heart Breaker ~ Dream Maker ~ Smile Maker ~ God's Precious Gift ~

Oats, Berries and Sugar, Oh My!

I've decided to start eating right . . . . . at least in the mornings.  No, it's not a resolution (ya never know when your promise to yourself decides to elude you).  It is however an honest attempt to better my health.  I've discovered if you LOVE (not just LIKE) something that is very good for you, you will be more likely to stick with it.  I like oatmeal.  I like blueberries.  I like blueberry syrup. I'm okay with brown sugar.  But ~ put them together and VOILA!  ~ instant LOVE!   So, let's see:  Whole Grain, check ~ Fiber, check ~ Dark fruit with antioxidants, check ~ a little sweetness, check!
And, the truly best part of all ~ it takes about three whole minutes ~ three!  One to get it together and two to nuke!  Win ~ Win, I say! (And cheap)

I don't nuke the syrup and the blueberries.  I drizzle maybe a teaspoon of syrup over the cooked oatmeal (that already has about a "loose" tablespoon of brown sugar in it) and then toss in some berries!   Life is good.  Oh, and the OJ ~ can't forget that.  It gives me the Vitamin C and, honestly, some unwanted calories, but, I don't have to squeeze the real deal ~ maybe when I'm "childless" and have hours of that elusive continuum known as time on my hands I shall squeeze my own juice and avoid those few extra calories ~ maybe.  :)

Oatmeal sticks to my ribs.  I find I don't graze during the morning, and in all honesty, I'm barely hungry at lunch time.  I didn't find this to be the case with cereal or even instant oatmeal.  So here's to hanging on to something wonderful that is wonderfully good for me.  Kudos to nature and her bounty!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New Year's Resolve. . . . .

Oh, yea.  It's that time of year, again.  Like a gazillion others I've made resolutions ~ secretly, to myself.  If I don't say them out loud, then I can't be held accountable if I fail.  I will tell you ~ they are the same ole, same ole.  With one exception.  This one I will share, simply because I need to be held accountable for this decision.  And guess who my accountability partners are going to be?   They don't know it yet.  Can you guess?  Have they guessed?   Well, without further delay, here they are ~  my Aaron and Hur.  But you knew that already didn't you?  I bet they did too!  That's why they are who they are!

As I was cleaning my room today it hit me.  Like a thud ~ my resolve.  Don't know why ~ just did.

So, here it is, plain and not so simple:  I, Me, the one assuming my accountability partners are going to be there, the one who is a wreck fifty percent of the time, am going to stop owning other people's problems, situations, circumstances, or issues.  I am a good one for dwelling on those things for so long I finally make them my own.  I can't do that. Not any more. It eats me up.  It leaves no room for me to deal with the daily rigors of my own life, let alone any problems, situations, circumstances or issues that come my way, specifically for me.  Not only that.  I am stepping in where I should not be.  The best I should and can offer is:  an ear, a shoulder, prayer and love.  Let God do the rest.  It is, after all, His job.  That's what He signed up for.  He is "The Potter" and we are but clay.  I'm sure one hunk of clay can't make something decent out of another hunk of clay.  But we could be on the same wheel.  Being spun simultaneously.  We could share the same pain, joy and love.  We could end up great pieces of pottery, if we do as we should.  We couldI could.  I just might.  You never know.

There, you have it.  A resolve formed from the "sweat of my brow", as it were.  Plain and not so simple.

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