Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New Year's Resolve. . . . .

Oh, yea.  It's that time of year, again.  Like a gazillion others I've made resolutions ~ secretly, to myself.  If I don't say them out loud, then I can't be held accountable if I fail.  I will tell you ~ they are the same ole, same ole.  With one exception.  This one I will share, simply because I need to be held accountable for this decision.  And guess who my accountability partners are going to be?   They don't know it yet.  Can you guess?  Have they guessed?   Well, without further delay, here they are ~  my Aaron and Hur.  But you knew that already didn't you?  I bet they did too!  That's why they are who they are!

As I was cleaning my room today it hit me.  Like a thud ~ my resolve.  Don't know why ~ just did.

So, here it is, plain and not so simple:  I, Me, the one assuming my accountability partners are going to be there, the one who is a wreck fifty percent of the time, am going to stop owning other people's problems, situations, circumstances, or issues.  I am a good one for dwelling on those things for so long I finally make them my own.  I can't do that. Not any more. It eats me up.  It leaves no room for me to deal with the daily rigors of my own life, let alone any problems, situations, circumstances or issues that come my way, specifically for me.  Not only that.  I am stepping in where I should not be.  The best I should and can offer is:  an ear, a shoulder, prayer and love.  Let God do the rest.  It is, after all, His job.  That's what He signed up for.  He is "The Potter" and we are but clay.  I'm sure one hunk of clay can't make something decent out of another hunk of clay.  But we could be on the same wheel.  Being spun simultaneously.  We could share the same pain, joy and love.  We could end up great pieces of pottery, if we do as we should.  We couldI could.  I just might.  You never know.

There, you have it.  A resolve formed from the "sweat of my brow", as it were.  Plain and not so simple.


  1. I really like your resolve to let God handle other's problems....Sounds like a great idea for me seems to be one of those things that's easier said then done...but with determination IT CAN BE Go Girl!!! Be the friend with a shoulder or an ear...but remember to let the rest be up to the Creator... We have got to get together..soon...

  2. What a great new years resolution. You can do it. We are here to help, just call, vent, shout, cry, scream, whatever you need to accomplish your great goal. Love you, Sweet Thang!!


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