Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Old and Weak

They say:  "Out of the mouths of babes."  That's what they say.  Who ~ who invented that statement?  Just curious.

All the local grandies, some nieces and nephews, and kidlings in our lives by association met here Saturday night to go Trick-or-treating.

Bob, aka, Pop-pop went with the younger hooligans and their parents to gather the bounty of the night, aka, candy. 

The older hooligans stayed behind to hand out bounty to the tricksters.
I stayed behind to monitor the older hooligans.  I actually monitored them from across the street.  I opted to chat with my front door neighbor as she handed out loot for said tricksters.  I think I watched my hooligans eat half the bounty they were to distribute.  Not sure, but they sure were chatty!  I'm thinking:  Sugar Rush?

Allotted time slot for perusing the avenues was from 6:00PM to 8:00 PM.  Then at 8:00PM the hooligans and all other tricksters headed for the fire hall to parade their creative attire, get refreshments and try to guess the weight of pumpkins. 

Goldilocks came in 2nd for pumpkin' guessin'.

Itty Bitty came in second for her costume.

Itty Bitty.  She follows closely in Goldilocks's shoes, which brings us to topic at hand.  "Old and Weak".

Bob said Itty Bitty seemed to be slowing down as they were perusing the avenues.  He offered to carry her bag.  She politely declined stating:  "That's ok.  You're old and weak.  You're not as old as Mom-mom, but she is weak too."  I just really have no words.  

I thought of that statement this morning when I tried to open the window over the kitchen sink. I couldn't get it up very far.  It gets all cock-eyed in there and won't go up smoothly.  It had me wondering for a moment if I was as weak as she perceived me to be (however that is).  Didn't feel old, but I did feel weak ~ just for a moment mind you ~ just for a moment.

Old and weak.  A combination of "state of mind" and "state of being".  You are as old and weak as you allow yourself to be.  That's my point and I'm sticking to it!

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