Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Victuals and Tidbits

Last night I had "The Three Musketeerettes", "The Three Amigos", "The Three Stoogettes" the "Three French Hens", or, if you are confused, Kelly's three girls.

For dinner I decided to have Chicken Pasta Soup. I knew the girls would eat this. (Well, not Piper.) It is one of their favorites. (Not Pipers . . . yet!) So much so, Helena asked for it for her "birthday dinner"!

As we are eating Rease tells me she loves this soup. She matter-of-factly stated that if all the food on earth disappeared except for this, she would be okay. Okay with eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. "Snack, too!", Helena reminds her.

Does ones heart good to hear such things.

Chicken Pasta Soup
1 lb boneless chicken breast
2 C Shells
1-2 cans chicken broth
1 can (15oz) green beans
1 can tomato paste
1/2 t dried basil

Cook chicken breast in boiling water til done. (About 8 cups or so of water. you can add a can of broth here if you like)
Remove breast and cut into bite sized pieces.
In meantime, add one can chicken broth and 2 cups shells to boiling water.
Cook til shells are tender.
Add cubed chicken, green beans, (juice and all), tomato paste and basil.
Cook just until beans are hot and tomato paste is dissolved.


Tidbit: You can cut thawed breasts before you cook and save a step. Just add shells when chicken is done. If breasts are frozen, then hubby's hands aren't warm enough, no - sorry - anoter topic - um - just throw frozen chicken breasts into boiling water. All's good. And carry on.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Seth!

Nineteen years have just flown by!
It makes my head hurt!
Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!

Love ya bushels
Aunt Crickett

PS - I have to find a pic of you somewhere ~ ~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sock Fight

Sometimes life's stress just won't let go of you. No matter how you try to avoid it, it's there.
It has been that way for not only me, but for Ben as well, these past few days. We are on a deadline to finish behind the fridge before Saturday. And . . . we both have other stress fractures in our lives right now.

I don't hide disappointment very well. I am easy to read. I try. I really do try very hard to not show it. But it is there. The same is with Ben. Today was one of those days. I know he has a lot on his plate but I need to have the walls behind the fridge done. I can't look at him for fear of showing disappointment or worry. He senses it. He is good like that. I try to avoid him.

So. . . I go upstairs to divert my attention to something else - like looking for a fall flag for outside. Mr. Nosey Nate follows me up. On the spare bed is a plethora of socks that belong to Rease and Helena. Nosey Nate starts chunking them at me. I'm not in the mood for this. But he is relentless. So . . . . as any good mother would do - I returned the favor! Now let me just tell you, short of a snowball fight, this was wonderful therapy for the soul. It allowed us to get out pent up aggression, frustration and aggravation. By the end of the battle we were running from room to room, ducking and dodging socks, sneaking up on the opponent and laughing fearlessly at each other and ourselves. And I must say, mom here didn't do a bad job defending herself, either!

It was a much needed "battle". It may not carry us through the next task, but we were able to see beyond it and laugh while we were at it!

Proverbs 17:22a - " A merry heart doeth good, like medicine. . ."

Happy Birthday, Todd!

Ah. . . . seems like you're catching up old man!
Hope you have a great birthday with all those lovely
ladies and that handsome grandson of mine!
Love ya,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Anthology Book.

Last night as we are finishing homework, I tell Helena to get her Reading book. It is laying amongst a mess she has scattered in the floor.
It's been a long afternoon. She wants to Dilly-dally, Rease wants to be Chatty Cathy, and Piper wants her bottle.

So, as I ask Miss Dilly-dally a second time to retrieve her Reading book, she looks and me. . . and. . . .here we go:

Miss Dilly-dally: "Why?"
Me: "Because you have Reading homework. Now get your Reading book." She is looking at me like I have five eyes.
Miss Dilly-dally: "I don't have a Reading book." (see where this is going?)
Me: "Helena, it's right THERE!" (as I'm pointing to said book in middle of clutter)

Chatty Cathy is watching this unfold. Piper is drooling out the side of her mouth. I can feel Ben watching. All eyes are on this little drama that is unfolding.

Miss Dilly-dally, as she picks up the book in question: "This is my Anthology book."
Me: "Anthology book ? ? ?" Do I look confused? Yes? Well, it's because I am.
Miss Dilly-dally: "Yep. That's what my teacher calls it."

Well shut my mouth and knock me over with a feather.
Chatty Cathy is grinning. I look up and Ben is standing a the other end of the table grinning louder and pointing his finger at me. And to make me feel better: says he: "It's okay mom. I only know what it is because of literature." He proceeds to explain to his mom that an Anthology book is a compilation of short stories.

Now, since when do six year old first graders call their Reading books Anthology books? Hm?
Since they have a teacher that calls them that. And we all know, what Teacher says. . . . .
I can hear it now: "Okay class. Get out your Anthology books and turn to page . . . .".

Just humor me here. Does this not say "Reading"? Does it not?

Where are the good ol' days? Where?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Blog

Well, I've started my new blog. I'm not thrilled with the template I am using at the time, but until I can crack this thing I will have to settle.

It is about me and the things I remember and reflect on. It will be about the people who directly or indirectly influenced me as a child or young (or not so young) adult. It will be random thoughts from random time periods.

You may follow me here if you like.

I am nervous because I am really putting myself out there.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Birthdays are done for a little while. Posting can resume as usual!
Whew, I thought my family was going to shoot me because of the birthday song on my blog! Seems I may be looking for a new melody.

I started a new exercise routine this morning :). My boy designed it for me. I can work several areas in one fell swoop, and that's what I'm looking for! I don't have the luxury of a timely workout, so I hope this one will do the trick! As I age I want to make sure I can at least keep my muscles toned so they can do their job. Will let you know how it works out. That is if I can move!

I can feel fall in the air. I woke this morning to the sound of crows, of all things! I don't particularly care for that bird. Reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. And Halloween.
And all things spooky.

I tried the new Almond Silk today and I like it - yep - anything almond, pass my way! Almonds are suppose to be healthy for you. Just coat them in dark chocolate and you have a match made in Heaven! I just love eating healthy!

I am starting a new blog soon. Will fill you in as soon as figure out how to get the template I want and can get it up and running. I'm excited. It will be - different.

Well, I am going to finish my cereal (with my Almond milk in it) and start a load of laundry and pretend to be busy today. Ha! No pretense necessary! Ah-oh, I hear Baby Girl!

Catch ya on the flip side!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Guitar Hero!

Never let it be said that you can't teach old dogs new tricks!
Happy Birthday, Old Man!
Love ya,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Happy Birthday to my first born!
It's hard to believe that I was just swaddling you in blankets!
Last week, wasn't it? ?
Have a wonderful birthday.
I love you to the ends of the earth and back again.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Junior!

Happy Birthday, Junior!
Wow - just how old are you? LOL
Just kidding!
Hope you have a wonderful day - don't work too hard. :)
Love ya
Aunt Crickett

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Joseph!

Happy Birthday to you!
Another year older. . . another year wiser?
Hope your day is wonderful and full of laughter!
Love ya!
Aunt Crickett

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Greg!

Happy Birthday, Greg! I love this pic, although I had to steal it from Bekah's FB gallery!
It wasn't my first choice - but I will settle for it. :)
Hope you have a wonderful day with all the gang!
Much love,

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