Saturday, July 31, 2010


"Deep in Slumber"

As I see them deep in slumber
I can't help myself, but to wonder
What dreams lie within their minds
Or would sweet nothings be what I find?

The peace that rests upon their faces
Takes me back to distant places
Where life was simple and carefree
This is what my heart does see.

But are they dreaming as I stare
About such things without a care?
Are their minds just peacefully blank
Or are they planning today's new pranks?

It's not up to me to know at all
But for them to recall
Those things that played out in their sleep
All that's good, and fun, and sweet.

So as they lay there in peaceful slumber
My heart can't help but to wonder
If their lives will be full of grace
As they make their way from "place to place".

I long for them the simple things
That only God's love and joy can bring.
For success in all life's many endeavors
And to make their marks, for now, forever.

So as they lay there in peaceful slumber
My heart can't help but to wonder . . . . . .


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kelly!

Happy Birthday, Kellifer! !
Your year for threes. Your, um, age, and three (count them, three) beautiful daughters!
Love ya to the ends of the earth and back again!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Erica!

Happy Birthday, Erica Ryanne!
9 wonderful years old!
Love you bushels and bushels!
Mom-mom, Pop-pop and Ben
PS - take Kelly's age: 33 and mulitply it by itself and you get your age! (3x3=9) Cool, huh?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Matters of Life and . . . . . .

On Tuesday we (Jenny, Ben, Erica, Hope, Rease, Helena and I) went to Ocean City so Jenny could buy a couple of hermit crabs for Erica for her birthday. The shells on those things are nothing like they used to be. Now they are painted up in all kinds of designs. Erica got "Sponge Bob" and baseball painted shells. Really cool. I'll have to get Jenny to take a pic and post it here later.

Anyway, as we are walking, I have Helena on my right and Erica on my left.
The conversation at that moment went something like this:

Helena: "Mom-mom, you know the apartments we used to live in? They, um, found two people dead there."
Me: "I know. I heard it on the news. Aren't' you glad you don't live there any more?"
Helena: "Yea. But why do people kill themselves?"
Me: "I don't know. Not very smart are they?"
Erica: "It's so they won't get in trouble."

And on we go.

So, I guess that sums it up. If you want to whack someone one and don't want to get in trouble, I guess that means you have to whack yourself!

(On a serious note - there was a homicide at those apartments. I didn't elaborate on this to the girls. It took a very long time for them to get past the little Foxwell girl's abduction and murder. All of them were here at that time and it was very scary and very hard for them to grasp.)

I hate that such "heavy" things have to weigh on a child's mind. Even the news is "R" rated anymore. Such a sad thing - that all the ugly out shines any good and an indescribable fear is left in the hearts and minds of our children.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ready. Set. Jump!

Learning new things is always fun. Getting paid for learning new things is even better.
Earlier in the season, Helena gave up her swimmies for the doggie paddle. (That was a pride issue, not a paid venture.)

Today she conquered another fear: jumping from the deck!
She was begged, bribed and bought for the grand total of four dollars!
It took a bit, but the money won over the fear in this case, and it didn't hurt (or help) that her sister and two of her cousins, Hope and Erica, were jumping and bragging and coaxing and bribing, too.
Once she made the plunge (no pun intended) however, she was hooked and spent the next hour climbing out and jumping in.

We (being they) needed to wear tee shirts over our (being their) suits today.
They literally spent all day long in the pool yesterday - coming out only long enough to eat lunch and dinner and then back in til time to get ready for bed. They were beat and pink! Um. . . . yes . . . we did use sun screen.

And . . . . I just love Jenny's camera. It takes sports pics (back to back action).
I want one.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Things That Make You go . . . "Hmmm . . ."

Yesterday as I was finishing my blog about my "wallet", Kelly handed me Piper and asked if I would finish feeding her while she ran home and changed. They had been swimming in the pool.
As I am feeding this little sweetie, Helena is eating a peach in her little chair just diagonally behind me. Perfect spot to analyze the veins in my legs, again. So. . . here we go:

Helena: "Mom-mom, you have veins in your legs."
Me: "Yes, I do."
Helena: "They are in 3-D."
Me: "3-D?"
Helena: "Yes, one is sticking out!"

I turn and look at her, as she is slurping her peach, not missing a beat, she smiles back at me.


Kelly returns and visits for a bit and as she is collecting her "parcels" (that being the girls), she points out the rebate check on my kitchen counter. I know, I tell her. I need to take it to the bank. But she keeps "tapping" it. So I walk over and look at the check.

Yep, she's been here alright!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Wallet

I got this wallet/check book set for Mother's Day from my hubby. He brought it to me when he came home for Ben's graduation. Jenny's girls said I would like it. They were right. I simply love it!

I am proud of my gift. Everyone that has seen it has complimented it.
Everyone except for the cashier at Food Lion, that is.

We were in there Tuesday evening picking up a few things. When I got to the register I pulled out my bank card and my MVP card. The cashier looks up and sees my wallet. The conversation went something like this:

Cashier: "That's a pretty big wallet."
Me: "Yea. It holds all my stuff. CC's, money and such. If I wanted, this would be all I would have to carry."
Cashier: "I don't know why you need a wallet that big."
Me (a little confused here): Well, it has all my stuff in it, and . . . (in a meek voice) . . it was a gift.
Cashier: "I don't see the need to have a wallet that big." - (just add insult to injury, here)
Me: silence - thinking, should I respond again?
Cashier: "I don't have all those credit cards and stuff."
Me: silence - thinking, no, don't respond
Cashier (as she reaches beside the register to retrieve an object): "This is my wallet. It's plenty big."
Me: Smile, retrieve my bags of groceries. I think I remember nodding in approval.
Cashier: "Have a nice day."
Me: "You, too." thinking - you just busted on my wallet!

Now mind you - we are in line. Bob is with me. I can only wonder what is going thru his head.
As she was showing me her wallet, the line was growing. I'm squirming inside, thinking "No, I don't want to explain this conversation. No, I can't speed things up." But it did make me laugh a little at her spontaneity. She was -opinionated - enough said.

When we left the store, I turned to Bob and asked: "Did you hear her?" Duh? Of course he heard her. He was laughing. At me, I think. Because - he defended her and her implication of wallet snobbery.

As I have thought about these wallets two things come to mind:
1. Color difference. Mine is bright and bold. Hers was black pleather.
2. Size. Her wallet looked a tad bit longer and a tad bit narrower.

My conclusion: Although her wallet was narrower, it was longer and black. Everybody knows that if you want to look thinner, you wear black.
Mine was taller, but shorter. It was definitely brighter. Perhaps the colors gave the illusion of girth. I'd bet nickles to donuts that per square inch, our wallets were the same size!

The things that make you go "hmmm. . . ."!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Simplicity of God

Have you ever had a conversation with a child that concerned God?
One that left chills in you?
One that would cause a lump in your throat?
One that really made you see thru their eyes?

I have had such a conversation with Helena. I failed to write it down at the time, but this was the gist of it:

It had been raining and we were outside putzing around. There were still clouds in the sky, along with some sunshine.

She looked up. She said she could see God's feet sticking out of the clouds. He was wearing boots. Then, she pretty much went back to what she was doing.

She was relatively young when she made this statement. It was spontaneous, out of the blue. It made me wonder. She saw Him? It gave me chills. It made me pause. It made me think.

So. . . . did she really see God, or was it just an over active imagination? Could she have remembered, if only for a second, what her Creator looked like? I believe so. I believe it with all my heart.

I am thankful for the memories of that conversation. I don't want to ever forget it because it motivates me to want to seek the Lord with that child like curiosity.
He is not complicated or invisible. I make Him that way. I've allowed the clutter in my mind and heart to cloud the "view" of Him.

It still gives me chills to this day to think of what she said.

Thru a childs eyes. Plain and simple.

I Am Thankful

Can I just say: "I love my life."

I know. It's an oxymoron, of sorts. One day I'm weepy, the next, fit to be tied, and then out of the blue comes complete tranquility.

I am in that "tranquil" state as we "speak".
Don't ask me why. I have no answers. Well, yes, I guess I do.
I think I have managed today to see that little ray of sunshine God sends my way all the time.
It is wonderful.
I feel refueled.
I. Am. Thankful.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hum. . . hum. . . humming birds. . .huuum. . . iiiing. . . birrrds!

Today was a "weepy" day for me. Not sure why. Just know it was. I had plenty of time to reflect on past issues, trying to put them in order, make sense of them, if you will. I chatted with God about these "things" I struggle with. He is the only One who understands. I am, however, not sure if I do. I don't generally ask anything from Him, anything trivial, that is. I direct most of my desires towards my family. But every now and then I will ask for something. Anything that will brighten my day. Sometimes I don't see it. It could be that it was so obvious that I actually overlooked it.

But I did get today's gift! It was beautiful, I must say. I love humming birds. They are quick and sure and beautiful and know exactly where to go and when and they always leave me in awe. To see one is amazing to me. But God didn't just send one my way. Today He sent many!

There is a mimosa tree in my neighbor Tim's yard. I am forever seeing dragon flies, butterflies and bees in that tree. It looks and smells wonderful! This evening the tree hosted another fascinating winged creature. The coveted humming bird. There had to be at the very least a half dozen or more of these birds! They were having a hay day in that tree. They flitted from flower to flower. They played "tag" in mid air. They flew from this tree to another and back again! They were still out there when we came in at dusk. I ate dinner on the picnic table just so I could watch them. I was like a kid in a candy shop!

I was thrilled to get this picture. It's akin to trying to photograph lightening! I killed the batteries waiting on this bird! But it was worth it. Who knows, maybe I will have the opportunity again to try my hand at "capturing" these birds. We'll see. We'll just wait and see.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sum . . . sum. . . summer time. . . suuu. .merrrr . . tiiiime!

When the sun is out and the temperature outside is in the upper 90's, the only thing you can do is swim. But. . . when the sun goes down and the pool water feels like bathtub water, the only thing left to do is get out the glow sticks and. . . . swim! ! !

And jump! And float!

And do hand stands! And get a group picture!

And. . . . hang out!
There's nothing like summer when you're a kid. No worries about body shapes, bathing suit styles, mosquitoes, dirt, or bugs. Just good ol' fun! The only thing limiting you is your imagination!
Thank you, Heather Gore, for the glow sticks in the pool idea, and thanks, Paul for all those glow sticks!

Friday, July 2, 2010

"To pout. . . ."

Sometimes, in a matter of seconds, moods change. How can one go from this. . . .

. . . . . to this, with a flip of a "switch"? I do believe it is some kind of genetic mutation! Or is it dwarfism schizophrenia?
Whatever the case, it IS unpredictable! ! !
Jenny was the same way.
Usually it is Rease, but, today Helena tried her hand at it.
Oh my soul.
What is a mother, or grandmother, to do?
Pray tell.
Anyone? Anyone?
Thought so.

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