Friday, December 18, 2015

What Is A Full Heart?

I suppose a full heart can mean many things to many people.
There are many things that fill my heart to bursting.  They are never pre-determined by me.  The fullness hits me the  moment it touches my heart.  I don't look back and say "Oh, that was heartwarming."  No, I feel it instantly.  Simple things received by a simple person from those who are clueless as to how full they have filled my heart.

God has blessed me with some of the most awesome Grandchildren.  I can't think of one hateful thing to say about either of them.  Sure, they all have their "quirks", but that is what makes them ~ them.  Understanding that leaves a door open for heart warming, heart filling moments.  Ones that are least expected.

I've had two of my nine grandchildren call me their best friend.  Who does that these days?  I must say it caused me to pause and think.  I don't recall being anyone's "best friend" until then.  But I can't think of any higher honor than that.  It was, to say the least, very humbling. 

Then we have the one(s) who love the banter and tease of life. (That actually, pretty much, fits all of them).  The ones not afraid to joke with me.  The ones with the dry humor that I find hysterical.  The facial expressions, the inside jokes.  They all have that.  I love it. I love them.

Then of course we have the complimentary souls.  The ones who won't let me grow old.  They defy my age. They push me to my limit. Sometimes it's painful, but so worth the effort.  They remind me of what being young is.  In my heart, in my mind and in my spirit. 

I truly can't imagine my world without these guys.  Sometimes just thinking about them makes me cry. That's how full my heart is with them.  That is the impact they have on me.  They may never know that moment when my tank is filled, but God does.  And I know He will bless them along the way.  I pray they may experience that fullness, but most importantly be able to recognize the reason their hearts were warmed.

That's it.  Short.  Sweet.  Simple.

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