Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Happy Birthday to my youngest.
Turning 30 can seem a little daunting, 
But it appears you've got it covered!

Conquer the world if you must
But remember to do what is just
Be yourself in all you do
Just let the Lord guide you through
And you will certainly be amazed
At what you've accomplished at the end of the day.

Love you now
Love you forever


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

Happy Birthday, Dan!
Praying your life is filled with all that is great and good.  

Love you bushels!

Aunt Crickett

PS ~ Had to snag a FB pic :)

Sunday, September 24, 2017


I've pondered all the Birthday wishes I have to catch up on from the past few months.  I don't know why I let life sidetrack me so.  At any rate, it will be done. I will catch up.  But there was one Birthday I was fixated on all week.  I worried how it would affect my lovelies in Kentucky.  It was their Dad's Birthday.  The 23rd of September. The first birthday without him.  It weight heavy on my heart for them. I knew there would probably be tears and brokenness. But I prayed for strength for them.  Near the end of this week, his birthday to be exact, I had a thought.  A very eye opening thought. . . . . .

We celebrate the day we are born.  Our "traditional" birthday.  Then, if you are a Christian and can remember the exact day, we celebrate the day we asked Jesus into our hearts.  Our "salvation" birthday.  But ~ in reality ~ as believers ~  when we close our eyes to this world and open them in glory ~ isn't that our true Birthday?  The day we die is actually the day we shed away all these old bones and nonsense and take on a new body.  We are literally a new being. A new "person". Knowing this helps to ease the pain of "death anniversaries" and prompts me to want to celebrate "Heavenly Birthdays". And if I see it this way, my Mom would be a mere 39 years old!  Thirty-nine!

It's just a thought to ponder.

It's not text book material.

It's not even written anywhere.

I just found comfort in that thought.

I eases the heartache.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Bat At It. . . . Again

Just when you think it's safe to rest your weary  head after a week away from home you are reminded of why you shouldn't. Although we've been home a week since our vacation our "reminder" showed up unannounced.  (That's what happens when you make mention of it on your way home ~ you jinx yourself.)

Last night The Hubs and I had to run to Sam's Club to pick up a couple things.  The Boy left while we were gone (leaving TV on and front door open ~ so glad we have honest neighbors).  When we got home we went about our business ~ which actually consisted of watching "The Shooter".  Love that movie.  After the movie, The Hubs went up for his shower, came back down and we locked up the house, having no idea what time the Boy would be home. We trust our neighbors, but not the "Night crawlers".  We literally had just laid down when we heard The Boy pull up.  We heard him rustling around and I think Hubs and I both hit that doze state just before sleep.  Next thing I know it sounds as if an all out brawl broke out downstairs!  I heard fussing and running of feet.  The Hubs ~ who never hears anything (or so he says) was even a bit worried. He called down asking what was wrong.  No answer.  What on earth was going on down there?!  Hubs gets up (another rare thing) and goes into the hall way and calls down again.  I can hear The Boy, but can't make out the words.  Then I hear Hubs say it:  B. A. T.

So it begins.  The Hunt. I was in a quandary as to whether or not I should leave the safety of my room.  I could stay in there and lock everyone out and let them deal with the Creature, or I could suck it up and go help. Who am I kidding?  I'm as worthless as a plugged nickel when it comes to Bat Hunting.  So I ventured downstairs ducking and dodging thin air.  You know, just in case. This isn't my first rodeo, but it evokes the same anxiety every, single time.   I cautiously assess the situation, intending to interrogate The Boy (he may have been hallucinating). I find The Boy on the kitchen floor, on his stomach,  looking at his phone. He seems all chilled out.  However, he has positioned himself between the counter and the stove, feet pointing to the wall and facing the living room where he had encountered the Creature.  What was he thinking?  Where was he going to run if the Creature had decided to enter the kitchen? He had pinned himself into a corner.  Seems The Boy, The Ben, The Beast had been squashed by The BAT.  I questioned as to whether he really saw it or not giving the fact he wasn't being very co-operative.  The Hubs backed his sighting ~ he saw it when he came downstairs.

The rundown:   Ben:  *I came home, got some chocolate milk, kicked back on the sofa with the intentions of watching some TV.  I caught movement out of the corner of my eye over by the fireplace.  Then I saw it, circling the living room.*  It was more than he could handle.

The Hubs, in the meantime, is frantically searching (not for the Creature) for the tennis rackets.  They can't be found anywhere.  So as The Boy and I are scanning the downstairs, Hubs goes in the basement and retrieves two crab nets.  They try to hand one off to me.  Nope, not happening.  We searched and peeked and scanned every area we could downstairs. We were all CSI with our flashlights.  Hubs even went outside with his trusty, high lumen flash light to check the windows ~ (Um, Hubs, I think they call that creeping.  I'm not bailing you out if the Sherriff rides by.) you know, just in case the Creature was trying to leave.  Nothing.  I think he needed some fresh air and a moment to think. 

That leaves us one thing to do.  Go to bed.  I'm a mess.  I can't sleep with my head under the covers. Some how I end up with a crab net on my way up.  What am I suppose to do with this?  Sleep with it?  Because if I put it anywhere in the room that means I will have to get up and retrieve it while The Creature is flying around.  I don't know.  That doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I feel I can't breathe.

The Boy did clean up the chocolate milk that catapulted out of his cup and onto the love seat, pillow and floor.  That would have been the brawling noise and sounds of fusing we heard earlier. (Actually, it was him running and cussing the bat.)  One cannot think of being careful or quiet when eluding flying creatures!

We decide to close all doors upstairs in case The Creature decides to take flight. But. . . . what if it is already up there and we close him in with us???? (hence the crab net, I suppose)  So, we opt to turn on the AC.  Don't know how that's going to help, but if it makes The Menfolk feel better, sure, why not.  We, meaning The Hubs, gets the windows down upstairs and proceeds back down to the scary place.  I hear him say in a quiet voice:  "I found him."  Is he quiet because it's flying, or is it perched somewhere obvious, like on the back of the couch?  Nope.  He had closed him up in the window.  The same window I had checked earlier. (I'm sweating).  He didn't mean to.  It had worked up between the top and bottom trying to get out and got caught when he lowered the window. 

I told The Boy The Creature had been contained.  The Hubs said he was rather small.  The Boy begged to differ.  He said it was the biggest bat he had seen, holding his hands about 14 inches apart. All I can envision are the bats from Jumanjii. 

Yep, this looks about right.

Needless to say, I DID NOT SLEEP WELL.  Suppose it had a friend.

What is it anyway with bats and our house?  I'm not Motel 8.  I don't "leave the light on".  But an even bigger question:  How.  Do.  They.  Get.  In????

Side note:  Do you know bats are protected?  You CANNOT kill them. At least around this area. True story.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Helicopter Ballroom

They're twirling madly in the air
These helicopters, everywhere

But this year they've upped their game
They don't look, to me, quite the same.

Instead of that motley shade of brown,
They've donned a different color gown.

This color is quite new to me
I had to look twice to see what I did see

Brown has always been the norm
For these "helicopters" in their swarm.

No, these weren't that shade of brown
That fluttered gracefully to the ground

But a delicate shade of pink
A lovely shade that made me think

What a delightful sight to see
A ballroom of pink dancing on the breeze.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Eighteen years ~ like yesterday
You came to grace our hearts

Eighteen years ~ like yesterday
We've loved you from the start

Eighteen years ~  like yesterday
You know the time has flown

Eighteen years ~ like yesterday
Just look at how you've grown

Eighteen years ~ like yesterday
Your spirit is still sweet and strong

Eighteen years ~ like yesterday
You make life seem like a song!

Eighteen years ~  seems like yesterday
I can't believe my eyes

I loved you then ~ I love you now
I'll love you 'til I die.

Happy Birthday, Hopie!
Love you a bushel and a peck
With a hug around the neck!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Birthday, Moonbeam!

Our Moonbeam from the Sky
Turned two years old this day

It's hard to fathom such a thing
But Time does have his way.

He's out to conquer this old world
Such a pistol, as you can see

It won't take him very long
He has vast supplies of energy

And when he's done, at day's end,
And all the villains put to rest

He will, in sweet slumber sleep
And dream of his next great quest.

Happy Birthday, Little Moonbeam!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Birthday, GGG!

Our Little Piece of Stardust
Is turning one today.
He's growing up so fast
And he changes every day.

I just love his baby eyes so blue,
And those chunky little cheeks.
Let's not dismiss that tiny mouth
So perfectly round and sweet.

I hear he has a tender spirit
Easy going as can be
Take a look at that little face
That truth is plain to see.

So Happy Birthday to this babe
Sent for all to love
One year old today
Our Stardust from Above.

Happy Birthday, GGG!
Aunt Crickett

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What Are You?

Sometimes an early morning conversation sets the tone for the whole day.
Such was the case today.

Itty Bitty and I were sitting on my front steps waiting for the school bus.  She always has random thoughts in her little noggin.  Out of no where she tells me she heard pop music last night.  They (her family) weren't playing pop music, she heard it in the Village of Quantico. I feel my heart fluttering.  "Village".  What a descriptive word.  My mind immediately went to a cobblestone setting.

She proceeds to tell me she used to be a Townsman, but now she's a Villager.  Mommy, Effan, Rease, Helena and Annalynne are also Villagers. Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop, Ben,  Mr. Paul, Miss Carrwy,  Rease and Helena are Townsmen.  Well, she says, Rease and Helena are Villagers and Townsmen because they live there (little hand swings right) and here (other little hand swings left).  I can hardly stand it.  Of course MY imagination has little pointy caps or flat little beanies on everyone's head.

She then proceeds to tell me that maybe she's a Villager and a Townsman if her daddy lives in a town. And she thinks for a second and concludes that she's could be considered a Farmer too since Granny Bell lives on a farm.   Be still my heart. 

I put my Little Villager on the bus here in Town, waved goodbye and came in to ponder this morning's chat.  I knew I had to record this one for posterity.  I don't want to forget.  Ever.

But on a sad note, my Little Villager arrived back in Town after school with her jacket on.  It was only a gazillion degrees outside.  I don't say anything, but the minute she gets inside she wants me to take her temperature.  She's been coughing all day she says. I test her forehead, it's warm and her cheeks are flushed, so  I oblige her after she removes her shoes, visits the Little Girl's Room and washes her hands.  That gal had a temp of 101.4!  I asked if she had been cold or chilly today.  No, says she.  I had my jacket on.   Alrighty then.

I'm not sure she will ever know the imprint she's leaving on my heart.  The innocence of a child is the most refreshing thing you will ever experience.  I try not to change one bit of  her.  I love the way God made her.  In fact, I love the way God made all my family.  He knew them and formed them and I'm thrilled He did!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Live In A Small Town . . . .

Small towns have their advantages.  They are quiet.  They are quaint.  And seemingly,
everybody knows everything about everybody.  Seemingly.  Just ask any kid you
see perusing "The Boulevard".  They will fill you in on the latest happenings.
And. . . . . occasionally you will run across a Nosey Nellie  an adult with the same "super powers".

Anywho ~ our Small Town is getting overtaken by giant metal beasts an upgrade.
First to arrive were the sidewalk people, followed by the wire people.
(Like my formal titles?)

They paved the way for the paving people.

 These massive beasts parked outside my house like big black Carpenter Ants on a paved path.
They were awesome to look at.  I don't recall ever seeing such clean and shiny paving trucks.
They are mesmerizing .  I am fascinated with them.  Please don't ask me why. Just don't,
'cause I don't know why. I just am. I want to drive one.
I do.
You can tell they are built for hard labor and in it for the long haul. 

They moved stealthily around each other . . . .

but mostly maintained a straight line behind the street wetting machine.  Another beast. 
They would move and pause ~ waiting for the "Leader of the Pack" to do his thang.

It was a "Slow Ride", and some were takin' it easy . . . . .until
time to move along.

"Mercy sakes alive, looks like we've got us a convoy!"
About to put the hammer down for THIS . . . .

"Ain't she a beautiful sight?"

THIS, this thing is a BEAST. I thought my house was going to shake off its foundation!
Scared the dickens out of me when everything rattled.
I was thinking a "1 "on the Richter Scale. Yep.

Then we had this cutie bringing up the rear. . . . .

It reminded me of that little rhinoceros on Jumanjii. 
You know, the one at the end of the stampede.  Huffing along.
Only this guy wasn't huffing along. He was "Smooth Sailing"!
He was smoothing out all the stuff the BEAST was laying down.
so the road would start to look like a road again and not a scraped knee.

It's the beginning to the end. . . . .

Now all they have to do is finish smoothing and stripe that baby up!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Birthday, Ellie Bean!

There's a Queen
Named Ellie Bean
That rules with a tiny hand.

She reigns alone
Upon her throne
In The Jappa  Land.

She just turned two
This Queen who rules
Over her loving home.

She bends for none
'Cause she's no longer one
This Queen upon her throne!

Happy Birthday, Ellie Bean
From the Land of The Eastern Shore

Aunt Crickett

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Truck

Sometimes. . . . . . .

We have a thing here where we try to wave goodbye to family and friends as they leave.  Most of the time we make it.  However, this morning, we missed waving to the Boy.  Ittty Bitty, Turtle Dove and I were standing at the door waving goodbye to their Mommy.  I made the comment that we had missed the Boy this morning.  Itty Bitty said:  "He drove his truck."  Not sure if that was justification for missing him or not.  But, she continues on:

Ittty:  "He won't let me drive his truck." 
Me:  "Oh, yea?  He won't let me either."
Itty:  "He'll let Rease drive it."

Pause ~ thinking. . . . .(never a good sign)

Itty:  "He won't let me."
Me:  "Well, you're too little to drive  his truck."
Itty:  "Well, you're too old!" 
Me:  "I'm not too old!"
Itty:  "I can drive it.  I drive Annalynne's all around."

If she doesn't stop telling me I'm O.L.D., I think I may start believing it!  Maybe I'll even act it!
Now let's just move on to normal, everyday things like, I don't know, singing?

Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Birthday, Little Boy Blue!

Be still my beating heart!

My Little Boy Blue is turning four
He stole my heart the minute I walked through the door

Such a tiny thing at two weeks old
I looked at him and felt my love unfold.

I would bring him home, oh yes I would
But only if his Mama said I could

So I shall love him here from the Eastern Shore
My Little Boy Blue, who's turning four.

Love you to Infinity and Beyond!

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Happy Birthday!

All grown up.
Arm pit hair ~
Schooled  ~
Married ~
And now a Proud Papa!

I'd say you're well on your way to wonderful life!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Not Much Time

The Little Itty Bitty Girl is obsessed with the fact that I am old 62.  She reminds me often that I'm almost 100.  Often.  Yesterday was no different, but she threw a stick in my spokes  before reminding of that fact ~ again.

She was home with me "recovering" from a little stomach bug.  Nothing good was on TV and I only let her play her Kindle for so long.  Out of boredom she did her spelling assignment on the computer using Spelling City.  I figured it would keep her up to par and she wouldn't have a lot of make-up work to do.  After that we perused  Netflix for a movie.  She loves the Tinker Bell movies and settled on "Tinker and the Neverbeast".  Apparently this "beast" was testy, then friendly, then not so nice.  The woodland fairy that befriended him in the beginning fell victim to his fury.  I'm not sure she really "died" or what.  I just know it was sad and she wasn't moving.  And then something happened (I missed that part) and she was moving again. 

This prompted Itty Bitty to ask me if dying was like sleeping.  I said,  a very deep sleep, I guess you could say.  She said "Yea, that's what I was thinking.".  I told her though, that the soul leaves the body.  She said she knew that.  (alrighty then).  Then came the kicker. The stick in the spokes that brought me to a halt.  She nonchalantly told me: "You don't have much time."  What? What do you mean?  (I knew where this was going).   "You're old." she says.  "You don't have much time left. You're almost 100."

Knock me over with a feather.  I've had the "almost 100" conversation with her before, but not the "not much time" one.  That was unexpected to say the least. Un-nerving.

That's it!  No more deep conversations with this girl!   Not any time soon, anyway.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

In My Dreams

Dreams are funny things.  They can be triggered by any one or combination of events in our daily goings and comings. It could be as simple as a conversation, a movie, or late night snacks.  Or it could be as deep as one's longing for distant family, a combination of the three afore mentioned, a fear,  or a need for resolution of an event to which there was not much control.

I had a dream the other night that I'm sure was triggered by the last cause I mentioned.  An ongoing heartache triggered by an event of which I had no control.  Someone very near and dear to me became very angry with me.  Mean and hurtful things were said.  Conversation ceased. A love that I would die for dropped me like a hot potato and didn't blink twice about it. A shunning.  I have been at a loss as to how to resolve that issue, ease that pain, but to no avail.  I love this person.  I would never intentionally do or say anything that would spur such a reaction.  That cause was not mine, yet I've had to own it, bear its weight.

My dream was bittersweet.  I finally was able to talk to That One, but on the condition that the object of the "shun" would not be discussed.  A short three second dream that would ultimately end in a warm  hug and tears on my part.  I'll take that for now.  I'll embrace the hope for resolve.  I'll let that dream by my comfort. And I will pray for healing.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Home Base

 According to Goldilocks:

"Mom-mom's house is home base.  When you are here no one can touch you.  Kind of like tag. It's where you go to be safe. They can chase you and hoover around home base, but they can't come onto home base.  You are safe.  But once you leave, you're fair game. Anyone can get you."

This was said to the Mama Bear yesterday while laying in my kitchen floor with her hands to her head in dread.  She'd been here since she got off the bus and dropped her things by Papa Bear's.  I knew why and watched the above scenario unfold after she told  Mama Bear her dilemma ~ as she had told me:

*Papa Bear got an email from Teacher stating her concerns about Goldi's academic situation.  Seems Goldilocks has been slacking a bit.  And. .  . she's had her phone on in class.  And Teacher had to rearrange seating for chatting reasons. Definite no-no's.  I scolded her about the phone and raised my eyebrows about the rest.  Apparently I didn't raise my eyebrows loud enough, because she told Mama Bear I didn't yell at her,  I just listened.  Oh, the joys of Grand-parenting.   But back to Papa Bear.  He texted our Little Goldilocks (while she was still in school) to say he had received the email and they would discuss it further when he got home. *

Thus the reason for the wringing of hands and the comfort of "Home Base". She wasted no time getting here, and stayed 'til the last possible minute.   Mama Bear wasn't any the more happy with her.  I felt like I needed to squirm.  Don't know why ~ . . . .  But I will say, I was glad I was on "Home Base" myself.  I did take the Mama and Papa Bear's sides.  We can't let our girl fall to the way side.  She needs to be held accountable. 

She got her phone taken away and she can't come to Mom-Mom's until her grades come up.  Now, WHAT did I do??  Seems to me she wasn't the only one to be punished here.  Yes, I am complaining, and whining.  And venting.  So much for taking the parent Bear's sides.  Pft. 

Oh, and in honor of today:  BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH!!!!
Who is your Brutus?!  I think mine is the Bear parents. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy Birthday, Sarah-Sponda!

It's hard to find the words to say
To a strong young woman who's
Making her way,

Who's decided to grab onto  life by its
Woolly mane
And jump aboard that moving train

To wherever God may choose to send her
Not letting the bumps and bruises
Influence or hinder

Her goals she's set before herself,
Rearranging them like books
On life's massive shelf.

As God points a new direction
Her goals may vary, but not
Her affection

For the One who holds her beating heart
The One who's held it
From the start

No matter which door her choice will be
It's clear to see
Who holds the key.

Happy Birthday, Sarah

I love you with an infinite love.

Friday, March 10, 2017

A Dying Art In the Form of A Surprise!

Everyone loves surprises, everyone.  That includes Yours Truly.  I don't get them often, but when I do they are "The Ultimate In Surprises"!

This past week I was trying to surprise Hopie with a picture and a conversation from Her Person here on the Shore.  But, wouldn't you know it, the Cyber Bully kept deflecting my message.  It took help from all angles to succeed.  I'm sure as I look back it was a Divine intervention, because  Hopie ended up calling me and in the course of our conversation she asked me if I had been to the Post Office. Nope, nada, not the past few days.  Why?  As it turns out, something was waiting patiently for me.  The sender of the parcel I understand was  not so patient.  I sent a runner to retrieve the mail, and low and behold, there it was.  Like a diamond in the sun!  Gleaming up at me.

  Names and addresses have been blocked out to
protect the innocent.
Life is full of Surprises.  My little gleaming nugget was from a new found love.  The Boy that belongs to Hopie.  He's a keeper if ever there was one!  They go together like peas and carrots.  (tee-hee)

I opened up my little nugget and found the "mother lode" nestled inside:

And when I say mother lode, I'm not talking about the candy.  Although, if you know me at all, you know I am passionate about dark chocolate.  The darker, the better, I say!  And this Boy knows it!  Did I say he's a keeper?  Hopie, you better treat this boy right!  The mother lode? ~ was the L. E. T. T. E. R.
Hand written.  Proper form.  "Dear" and "Love".  THE dying art in the form of a surprise.  I shall cherish it always.  Al. Ways.  To think someone not blood related (other than my G0-To-Man) would think of me is so heart warming.  His Daddy raised him right.  Papa should be proud as a peacock!
I'm proud of him and I didn't have a hand in bringing him up! 

Just goes to show you.  When you think the world is submerged to its eyeballs in technology some caring youth gets it. What life is really about.  Connection.  Caring.  And doing.

Love that Boy!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I've not written a heart felt, deep thinking, no nonsense post in quite some time. It seems life has thrown her monkey wrenches in my plans at the most inopportune times. 

My days are filled with a one year old.  She is not the "monkey wrench", per se, but she stalls my plans, (my plans are not her plans.) I'm like a plane in a holding pattern. I know where I need to go,
but have to wait for the Tower (AKA: Turtle Dove) to allow me to proceed. I circle and wait, and finally with my landing gear out, I descend into the 5 o'clock hour. I roll to a jerky stop and hug my passengers as they exit the rear door.  By that time I am as worthless as a plugged nickel.

I can barely pull dinner off, let alone write on my blog.  If I didn't have everyday chores on top of cooking, I might have some free time.  Maybe.  I don't know.  Who knows, really?  Who? Not me, that's for sure.  Those two things, dinner and chores, are monkey wrenches. (Two of many.)

At any rate, it has been a hard start to a new  year.  Death cane calling.  Families weren't prepared. No one sees The Grim Reaper coming.  That is how he operates, unannounced and, most assuredly, unwelcome.  He doesn't discriminate. He's not picky.  And he's on no one's schedule. 

It's now well into March. I have to so much on mind and heart to write about, but not sure that I could find the right words even if I found the time.  Time.  They say it heals all wounds.  Does it?  Or does it just soften the pain?  At any rate, I know I will find the time when I find the words.  And I suppose that is the frightening part.  When the words come.  Because we know, when the words come, they will open wounds and leave way for pain to follow.  Again.  And  no one wants pain. Especially pain of the heart. 

Speaking of the heart.  My Boy and I were talking last week.  About the heart and how it responds to emotional situations.  He said (in his infinite wisdom) that if the emotional pain were severe enough it could cause the heart to stop beating (AKA - heart attack).  He said there were these "heart strings" within the heart  and they could break given the right circumstances.  It goes to show, one could literally die of a broken heart.   Don't know why I felt it important to share this.  I guess it causes one to ponder life's oddities and the complexities of the body and soul.

I suppose I should run along.  I have a ton of no-nonsense things that need to be done while the Little
Turtle Dove is sleeping.   And I need a fresh cup of octane, I mean coffee. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Jessie!

I love you to the moon and back
Of that, there's no denying.
You were just a babe yesterday
The time, it is a flying!

 You've grown into such a lovely soul
I can't help but to admire.
And a good Mama you have made
It seems you never tire.

So enjoy this year Lovely Lady
Throw caution to the wind
For if you don't "do it now"
The time might not come again.

Happy Birthday Jessie!

Aunt Crickett

Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy Birthday, Turtle Dove!

One whole year has zipped right by
Look at you, Little Cutie Pie!

How quickly (ha!) you have grown
Making true, "My time has flown!".

Many more milestones lay ahead
Some I'll like, some I'll dread.

But nonetheless I love you true
Happy Birthday, from me to you!

Happy Birthday Little Turtle Dove!

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