Monday, July 16, 2018

Did You Ever Wonder?

Did you ever wonder when taking road trips about the goings on of those traveling the same road?
Or, of those who live in the town you are going through?

I often wonder when I see the other drivers going to and fro where they are going or coming from.

Are they traveling on vacation? Where is their destination?
Are they moving from one location to another to start new roots?
Are they on their way to or from work? Where do they work and what do they do?
Are they shopping?
Are they just out and about for no other reason other than they can be?
Are they happy?  Sad?  Angry?  Angry that they are being inundated with excess traffic?
Are they kind? Or are they of the unpleasant sort?

I wonder these things and then some.  But I think mostly I wonder about the folk living in the area we are traveling through, especially at night when you can see the town lit up.

I wonder if they are cozy and warm, or cool and relaxed, in their homes?
Are they sitting at the dinner table discussing the day's events?
Are they zoned out in front of the TV?
Are children running through the house ~ or getting their baths before bedtime?
Are they already nestled in bed?
Are families happy and chattering, or are they angry and bitter, torn apart by life's events?
Is someone where they're not suppose to be or doing something they're not suppose to be doing?
Maybe they are getting ready to start their shift at work for the evening.
Are they lost in the chaos of this world or do they know their purpose and live accordingly?

I wonder these things all the time when I travel.  It seems when you leave what is familiar to you, you enter a foreign country.  But the raw truth is:  people are pretty much the same everywhere.  They work, they play, they laugh, they cry, they plan, they clean, they fuss at their children, they are kind, they hug, and they love. They get angry and feel pain and disappointment.

They are, as I am, after all, mere human beings.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Happy Birthday, Hope!

Happy Birthday to a girl
Who's smile can light the sky
You bring joy to my heart
And you don't even have to try!

Your carefree spirit suits you well
Your energy makes me sigh
It's as if you could wear wings
You'd surely take to flight!

An aura follows you around
A warm and cozy light.
I love you more than you could know
My girls who smiles so bright!

Happy Birthday, Hopie!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Happy Birthday Moonbeam!

I want to wish you joy
On this day that you turn three
I want you to be happy
And your spirit to be free

I want you to grow up strong
And remember you are loved
I want to wrap my heart around you
Our Moonbeam from above.

So Happy Birthday Little Boy
To you - just from me
On this special birthday
That you are turning three!


Friday, April 20, 2018

School ~ Not Just For Kids

One would think that when you graduated from school you would be done with the rigors of learning stuff in books.  Nope.  Not so.  It continues. And continues.  And continues some more.  Sometimes the "learning" is actually the "teaching".  I know.  It doesn't make sense, but, really, it does. Make sense, that is.

Let's look at Math.  I don't know of any one of my grand-daughters that likes Math.  Me, I loved it.  And when you love something someone else doesn't care for it's hard to convince them how useful it is and will be.  Trust me, I've tried.  The only thing I can think of to convince at least a couple of them is the fact that they have an interest in quilting.  That alone will challenge your basic (if  not a little more advanced) math skills.  I told them they would have to know their basic fractions, multiplication and division tables, in addition to addition and subtraction.  Otherwise their quilts might look more like shredded wheat than - quilts.  We'll see how that translates.

Then we have Grammar and Literature.  Reading has always been a passion of mine.  I am pleased to see it in quite a few of my grandies (The Boy and My Squirley Girlies). Reading broadens your mind and creativity immensely.  Your imagination can be stretched beyond the decades and moments in time in a good novel . It's pages create wonderful places to be lost in.  Not to mention the vocabulary I learned. My youth was saturated with reading.  It became hard to devote my time to reading when my kiddlings were young.  Oh, I read.  Story books and such, but my books sat and waited, but that was ok. My babes  were only small for a time.  Then, when they became self sufficient and could read on their own, I was  able to welcome back my long lost friends.

Grammar, on the other hand is, well, challenging.  I like Grammar.  I still study it.  I don't understand today's lack of good grammar and the misuse of common, every day words. People, that's why Mr. Webster exists.  Or, if you don't like turning the pages of a "book", then google the word.  PLEASE.
I have the pleasure of critiquing papers for my college kiddos.  Not necessarily for content as much, but for grammar and sentence structure.  It's hard when basic foundations are soft and they haven't had much to build their grammatical skills on.  I get it.  I've had to critique elementary teacher's papers that were sent home.  If the teachers can't seem to grasp it, then how on earth are the kids suppose to?
Geeze.  And don't get me started on cursive writing.  Just don't

Then we have History ~ Nope.  Don't like it.  Don't want to like it.  Not because I don't care about historical facts, because I do. I just can't keep those dates and places in my brain.  It's like looking at a thousand stars and being expected to know their names and constellations.  Won't happen.

So I teach help with what I know.  I continue to use Mr. Webster (and spell check) quite often. When I sit down to clunk away on this keyboard, the only words that go down are mine, so I better know (kinda) how to use the words I write.  Otherwise, well, otherwise. . . . . . . .

Don't get me wrong.  I've seen my share of grammatical flubs in my writing, and it causes me great angst.  Sometimes I remember to correct them, and sometimes they just go down in the archives of faux pas.   You can correct me if you wish.  Or not. Either way, I'd still love ya.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Happy Birthday, GGG!

This Little Bit of Stardust
Has reached the age of two!
He's growing up so quickly
As most youngin's do!

I can only imagine the joy
He spreads to all around
Just look at that face
It speaks without a sound!

So here's to another year
Happy Birthday just for you
This Little Bit of Stardust
That's reached the age of two!

Happy Birthday, Gabe!
Aunt Crickett

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