Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Minute

Do you know how many things one can accomplish in just one short minute ~ or less?

Anyone with a child under the age of thirty three knows exactly what I am talking about. You can't leave some kiddos unattended for more than that.  I figured a minute was a good number because by the time they figured out you were gone/busy/MIA you were back again.
Try it ~ set the timer for one minute and see how it goes.  For me these are a few of the things that I can race thru accomplish:

1.  Go to the bathroom.
2.  Run up the stairs with a folded load of  laundry and back down again with a dirty load.
3.  Wash your hands and fill a cup of milk and a baggie of snacks for the those unfortunate babes dying of hunger.
4. Reheat - for the third time - a cup of coffee.
5. Sweep/vacuum up breakfast/lunch crumbs.
6. Change a diaper ~  for squirmy, unco-operative tots
7. Fix a sandwich
8. Sneak eat a snack.
9. Pick up Lego's for the umpteenth-hundredth time
10.  Send older kids out the door in a flurry for school ~ with all their belongings in tow.
11.  Shoot a text to someone ~ pecking one letter at a time.  It's amazing how quickly you can  count the letters on the number pad spell your words. 
12. Load/unload the dishwasher/washer/dryer ~ sometimes these are in steps ~ if you DON'T want any help from a tiny tot.
13,  And sometimes ~ write on your blog.
14.  But most importantly ~ one can pray ~ for a multitude of things ~ like the thirteen things listed above and the gazillion not. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Matt!

It's funny how one "owns" an expression.  This one is yours for sure!  Just had to snag it from Bekah!

Happy Birthday, "Mamu"! 
Love ya bushels and bushels!
Aunt Crickett

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Fences = Good Neighbors?

I've heard it said that "good fences make good neighbors".  I'm not so sure I a agree with that quote ~ totally.  I personally think good caring people make good neighbors.  Case in point below:

My next door  neighbor, Tim, gave me a ring on the horn yesterday to tell me he had cut some Camellias before frost gets them and left them at my back door.  I practically hung up on the man I was so excited!  They are simply gorgeous!  He has some of the loveliest flowers in his yard.  The girls and I just drool over them.  Sometimes he gives me cuttings of plants he's growing. Ahhhh, yes. THIS is one of many things that makes a good neighbor. Yep. 

Now if you know where I live you may ask:  "Pray tell, why do you have a six foot privacy fence surrounding your back yard then?"  Simple:  I don't want some little tyke eyeballing my pool in the middle of summer and simply be unable to resist the urge to take a dip.  There could be nothing worse than some Mama's baby drowning in said pool (any age is a "Mama's baby").  THIS is when good fences make good neighbors.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sea Glass and Other Such Treasures

Last weekend we drove down to Tyaskin Wharf to look for Indian artifacts, such as pipe bowls, pipe stems and arrow heads and "sea glass". Sea glass is essentially old pieces of broken glass that have been tossed into the sea and over a period of time the sharp edges have been worn down by the action of the water and sand and the surface of the glass is somewhat etched by the same process.
You can find some pretty pieces if you have a sharp eye.  This day would be nil for Indian paraphernalia, but other treasures would abound!


I was not initially thrilled by thought of going.  It was very windy and chilly as you can see by the way the girls are bundled.  Not pretty, but  they were warm.  It was crucial that we go earlier in the day ~ around 11:00am because that was when the tide was low.  And low it was ~ extremely low.  The winds and the moon held the water out and it was the lowest I've seen it there! 

On normal low tide the water level would be where Rease is standing.  Being as low as it was this day allowed for some interesting "digs" up and down the beach. And dig we did!

I love the patterns on the sand that the waves had made earlier.  Mother nature is so creative, don't you think?  I added my own little design in letters ~ with an ole wet stick.

This particular dock is usually only accessible by swimming during normal low or high tide.  This day we were able to walk right to it.  Two of the "treasures" we found were sitting right on this dock!  On the top of the first pole on the right sat the bottom to a clear salt/pepper shaker.  Waaay down further on the dock, someone had sat an old Ball canning jar.  That is what Goldilocks is retrieving.  Much to our dismay, it was barnacle clad on one side.  It will take some doing to get it clean, but we have high hopes!  The two bottles Reasy Piecy is inspecting were dug up by her Daddy and Pop-pop.

There were "little docks" scattered in the thrushes along the way.  Like little "Islands in the stream".

On the left is a box of some of the treasures we found ~ not much sea glass, though.  In that box is my favorite piece.  It is an emerald green glass jar with "Juice" embossed on one side and "Water" on the other.  The other two sides have the ounces measured out.  It was literally buried in the wet sand under a fallen tree. I love it! I shall show it to you some day.  On the right are goodies the girls found in the water ~ with the exception of the clear salt shaker ~ full pieces in tact. The green piece looks like a piece of depression glass ~ the bottom of a salt/pepper shaker.  If its not the real deal, it is a good reproduction.  The cool thing is, you rarely find whole pieces of anything along the beach.  This day we hit the "Mother Load".  We left a lot where it was ~ simply because it wasn't that old.  But ten years from now, if they aren't all broken and battered, some lucky duck will find the sea's cache of precious glass, and they will ponder it's meager purpose, and they will save it, and clean it, and admire it.  It will be their Treasure. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Gentle Reminder

Sometimes gentle reminders are needed.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sarah Sponda!

~ today you are sixteen ~ you just got your driver's permit ~ you are practically grown ~

It wasn't that very long ago I visited you in the hospital, all naked and blindfolded, laying under a bright light.  You were so very tiny then, just a spit of a thing.  Where has the time gone?   You can slow down now ~ put a brick on your head or something ~ but ~ Just.   Slow.  Down!

Love you bushels!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lost in Thought. . . . .

Little Miss McKenna Leigh
My great-niece ~ Jessie's heart throb
Tiger's grand-baby girl

I just want to say. . . I could just gobble this girl up!
She brings so many emotions to surface when I see all
the pictures that Jessie posts of her. 

I. Want. Her.
Plain and simple.

I can only imagine what she may be thinking here.  She is so

Is it something she sees outside the car window?
Is she thinking about where she's going or where she's been?
Is she thinking about her friends?
Is she thinking about her mama?
Is she thinking something deep and profound, something
that only God would be privy to?

I just sit and stare.  Wondering. 
My heart catches a little when I look at her. 

She is lost in thought and oblivious to the world, but  ~ she has my attention.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Talk About Cheap Entertainment. . . .

I don't think it can get any cuter than this!

1 - "Piggy-tailed" girly
1 - Empty "Luv's" box
1 - Batch empty "Playdough" containers


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