Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Minute

Do you know how many things one can accomplish in just one short minute ~ or less?

Anyone with a child under the age of thirty three knows exactly what I am talking about. You can't leave some kiddos unattended for more than that.  I figured a minute was a good number because by the time they figured out you were gone/busy/MIA you were back again.
Try it ~ set the timer for one minute and see how it goes.  For me these are a few of the things that I can race thru accomplish:

1.  Go to the bathroom.
2.  Run up the stairs with a folded load of  laundry and back down again with a dirty load.
3.  Wash your hands and fill a cup of milk and a baggie of snacks for the those unfortunate babes dying of hunger.
4. Reheat - for the third time - a cup of coffee.
5. Sweep/vacuum up breakfast/lunch crumbs.
6. Change a diaper ~  for squirmy, unco-operative tots
7. Fix a sandwich
8. Sneak eat a snack.
9. Pick up Lego's for the umpteenth-hundredth time
10.  Send older kids out the door in a flurry for school ~ with all their belongings in tow.
11.  Shoot a text to someone ~ pecking one letter at a time.  It's amazing how quickly you can  count the letters on the number pad spell your words. 
12. Load/unload the dishwasher/washer/dryer ~ sometimes these are in steps ~ if you DON'T want any help from a tiny tot.
13,  And sometimes ~ write on your blog.
14.  But most importantly ~ one can pray ~ for a multitude of things ~ like the thirteen things listed above and the gazillion not. 

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  1. You are sooo right! I am about to change a poopy diaper and i am gonna challenge myself. One minute or less! :)


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