Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Fences = Good Neighbors?

I've heard it said that "good fences make good neighbors".  I'm not so sure I a agree with that quote ~ totally.  I personally think good caring people make good neighbors.  Case in point below:

My next door  neighbor, Tim, gave me a ring on the horn yesterday to tell me he had cut some Camellias before frost gets them and left them at my back door.  I practically hung up on the man I was so excited!  They are simply gorgeous!  He has some of the loveliest flowers in his yard.  The girls and I just drool over them.  Sometimes he gives me cuttings of plants he's growing. Ahhhh, yes. THIS is one of many things that makes a good neighbor. Yep. 

Now if you know where I live you may ask:  "Pray tell, why do you have a six foot privacy fence surrounding your back yard then?"  Simple:  I don't want some little tyke eyeballing my pool in the middle of summer and simply be unable to resist the urge to take a dip.  There could be nothing worse than some Mama's baby drowning in said pool (any age is a "Mama's baby").  THIS is when good fences make good neighbors.  

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  1. In our neighborhood, good fences = a happy Heath ;) Love that doily by the way!


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