Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Helicopter Ballroom

They're twirling madly in the air
These helicopters, everywhere

But this year they've upped their game
They don't look, to me, quite the same.

Instead of that motley shade of brown,
They've donned a different color gown.

This color is quite new to me
I had to look twice to see what I did see

Brown has always been the norm
For these "helicopters" in their swarm.

No, these weren't that shade of brown
That fluttered gracefully to the ground

But a delicate shade of pink
A lovely shade that made me think

What a delightful sight to see
A ballroom of pink dancing on the breeze.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Eighteen years ~ like yesterday
You came to grace our hearts

Eighteen years ~ like yesterday
We've loved you from the start

Eighteen years ~  like yesterday
You know the time has flown

Eighteen years ~ like yesterday
Just look at how you've grown

Eighteen years ~ like yesterday
Your spirit is still sweet and strong

Eighteen years ~ like yesterday
You make life seem like a song!

Eighteen years ~  seems like yesterday
I can't believe my eyes

I loved you then ~ I love you now
I'll love you 'til I die.

Happy Birthday, Hopie!
Love you a bushel and a peck
With a hug around the neck!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Birthday, Moonbeam!

Our Moonbeam from the Sky
Turned two years old this day

It's hard to fathom such a thing
But Time does have his way.

He's out to conquer this old world
Such a pistol, as you can see

It won't take him very long
He has vast supplies of energy

And when he's done, at day's end,
And all the villains put to rest

He will, in sweet slumber sleep
And dream of his next great quest.

Happy Birthday, Little Moonbeam!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Birthday, GGG!

Our Little Piece of Stardust
Is turning one today.
He's growing up so fast
And he changes every day.

I just love his baby eyes so blue,
And those chunky little cheeks.
Let's not dismiss that tiny mouth
So perfectly round and sweet.

I hear he has a tender spirit
Easy going as can be
Take a look at that little face
That truth is plain to see.

So Happy Birthday to this babe
Sent for all to love
One year old today
Our Stardust from Above.

Happy Birthday, GGG!
Aunt Crickett

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What Are You?

Sometimes an early morning conversation sets the tone for the whole day.
Such was the case today.

Itty Bitty and I were sitting on my front steps waiting for the school bus.  She always has random thoughts in her little noggin.  Out of no where she tells me she heard pop music last night.  They (her family) weren't playing pop music, she heard it in the Village of Quantico. I feel my heart fluttering.  "Village".  What a descriptive word.  My mind immediately went to a cobblestone setting.

She proceeds to tell me she used to be a Townsman, but now she's a Villager.  Mommy, Effan, Rease, Helena and Annalynne are also Villagers. Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop, Ben,  Mr. Paul, Miss Carrwy,  Rease and Helena are Townsmen.  Well, she says, Rease and Helena are Villagers and Townsmen because they live there (little hand swings right) and here (other little hand swings left).  I can hardly stand it.  Of course MY imagination has little pointy caps or flat little beanies on everyone's head.

She then proceeds to tell me that maybe she's a Villager and a Townsman if her daddy lives in a town. And she thinks for a second and concludes that she's could be considered a Farmer too since Granny Bell lives on a farm.   Be still my heart. 

I put my Little Villager on the bus here in Town, waved goodbye and came in to ponder this morning's chat.  I knew I had to record this one for posterity.  I don't want to forget.  Ever.

But on a sad note, my Little Villager arrived back in Town after school with her jacket on.  It was only a gazillion degrees outside.  I don't say anything, but the minute she gets inside she wants me to take her temperature.  She's been coughing all day she says. I test her forehead, it's warm and her cheeks are flushed, so  I oblige her after she removes her shoes, visits the Little Girl's Room and washes her hands.  That gal had a temp of 101.4!  I asked if she had been cold or chilly today.  No, says she.  I had my jacket on.   Alrighty then.

I'm not sure she will ever know the imprint she's leaving on my heart.  The innocence of a child is the most refreshing thing you will ever experience.  I try not to change one bit of  her.  I love the way God made her.  In fact, I love the way God made all my family.  He knew them and formed them and I'm thrilled He did!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Live In A Small Town . . . .

Small towns have their advantages.  They are quiet.  They are quaint.  And seemingly,
everybody knows everything about everybody.  Seemingly.  Just ask any kid you
see perusing "The Boulevard".  They will fill you in on the latest happenings.
And. . . . . occasionally you will run across a Nosey Nellie  an adult with the same "super powers".

Anywho ~ our Small Town is getting overtaken by giant metal beasts an upgrade.
First to arrive were the sidewalk people, followed by the wire people.
(Like my formal titles?)

They paved the way for the paving people.

 These massive beasts parked outside my house like big black Carpenter Ants on a paved path.
They were awesome to look at.  I don't recall ever seeing such clean and shiny paving trucks.
They are mesmerizing .  I am fascinated with them.  Please don't ask me why. Just don't,
'cause I don't know why. I just am. I want to drive one.
I do.
You can tell they are built for hard labor and in it for the long haul. 

They moved stealthily around each other . . . .

but mostly maintained a straight line behind the street wetting machine.  Another beast. 
They would move and pause ~ waiting for the "Leader of the Pack" to do his thang.

It was a "Slow Ride", and some were takin' it easy . . . . .until
time to move along.

"Mercy sakes alive, looks like we've got us a convoy!"
About to put the hammer down for THIS . . . .

"Ain't she a beautiful sight?"

THIS, this thing is a BEAST. I thought my house was going to shake off its foundation!
Scared the dickens out of me when everything rattled.
I was thinking a "1 "on the Richter Scale. Yep.

Then we had this cutie bringing up the rear. . . . .

It reminded me of that little rhinoceros on Jumanjii. 
You know, the one at the end of the stampede.  Huffing along.
Only this guy wasn't huffing along. He was "Smooth Sailing"!
He was smoothing out all the stuff the BEAST was laying down.
so the road would start to look like a road again and not a scraped knee.

It's the beginning to the end. . . . .

Now all they have to do is finish smoothing and stripe that baby up!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Birthday, Ellie Bean!

There's a Queen
Named Ellie Bean
That rules with a tiny hand.

She reigns alone
Upon her throne
In The Jappa  Land.

She just turned two
This Queen who rules
Over her loving home.

She bends for none
'Cause she's no longer one
This Queen upon her throne!

Happy Birthday, Ellie Bean
From the Land of The Eastern Shore

Aunt Crickett

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