Wednesday, April 28, 2010



The wind tears them from the trees
And sends them downward at blinding speed.

They swirl and spin to all's delight
These wing-ed seeds set forth to flight.

They cause the kid in us to run
Chasing after them for fun.

In abundance they will flutter
To the ground, roofs, or gutters.

Catch them quickly if you can
Before they fly just past your hand

Should they make it to the ground
As they're spinning 'round and 'round -

Some like soldiers will stand tall
Others to their sides will fall.

But, we'll grab them up and toss them high
Just to watch them spin and fly!

So let the child within you rise
And chase those helicopters in the sky!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby Piper Blowing Bubbles in Mommy's Belly!

Sonograms have come a long, very long, way since my first pregnancy 37 years ago. Every year new and improved and astonishing techniques are discovered and implemented. Modern medicine is certainly a modern marvel.

The sonogram of Baby Piper, taken yesterday, shows her blowing bubbles! ! ! Of all things. . . . . I've heard of them seeing babies suck their thumbs, wave and bounce, catching hic-ups in action and even seeing the heartbeat in their little chests. But blowing bubbles? It is without a doubt one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! Kelly said she was not only blowing bubbles, but you could see her "talking". Her little lips moving.

Oh. My. Word. How. Wonderful! Just makes me melt.

Can one not see God in this? How can man accept that we just "happened"? How can one not understand the intricacy of it all? This little girl moves, waves, hic-ups, her heart beats, and yes, she blows bubbles! !

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hopie! ! !

Wow! You are growing up so fast, it's hard to keep up with you!

I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!


Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop, and Ben!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hair - Ben's hair to be more specific

The little slide show above (now it is just pictures) is for your entertainment only - not to be tried at home.
As for the music I chose to accompany it - well, I'm sorry if it offends you - but it's the only song that came to mind every time I looked at Ben. (The music was from the 70's musical Aquarius and the song was "Hair")

He was determined to grow his hair for one year. He almost succeeded - he made it 11 months, which I think is pretty dang good. And determined he was - not me nor his lady love could convince him to cut it. No matter how we tried, threatened, bribed or begged. Didn't faze him one bit - nope, not him. He would just grin and stroke his beard and run his hand thru that mop on his head (it was a soft mop - I must admit that). But the day of reckoning came - he decided just as quickly to cut his hair as he decided to grow it.

Glad to have my boy back - that's all I have to say about that.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Had a Dream . . . . . .

Someone (I won't say who, but her initials are: Kelly Majors) texted me at 6:00AM this morning to tell me the girls had school today after texting me last night to tell me they didn't. My alarm is set for 6:30 - arrghhh! Anyway, I felt it was necessary to go back to bed and get my 40 extra winks! I could have been Rip Van Winkle because it felt like I had been asleep for days before my alarm actually went off! Yes, I know he actually slept for 20 years - but that's ok - I think you get the picture.

During my 40 winks, I had a dream I was at work. I walked into Julie Price's office to find her laying out scrapbooking pages on one of those fold out tables - the white plastic kind. She told me she was getting ready for Heidi's tonight. I remember thinking, "but, you're at work". Hmmm. . . . So I proceeded down the hall to another office - I can't remember now who was there, but I knew her in my dream. Not only was "I can't remember who you are" there, but so was her husband? ? ? ? Odd, I thought. She also was arranging layouts on a fold out table. She was going to Heidi's too! Alrighty then.

I proceed to my office, but before I could do anything, in walks Heidi. Queen of "no need to work today, we're scrapbooking tonight"! In her hand she had some pictures of Dan and Ben when they were in school. They were basketball pics - did Dan even play basketball???? No, no, he didn't. . . . . She also had some fall looking cut outs she had done and some very intricately cut words, that she had done by hand no less. I was afraid to touch them when she gave them to me for fear of tearing them. These items were for my use at her house tonight. She had more pictures to give me (of her and PG at King's Dominion? Okay? ? ) when they "get here".

Oh my. Were we really going to scrapbook? Did we really abandon all work ethics on this particular day to "prepare" for our time together? Was I dreaming?

Yes, yes, and yes.

The alarm went off and I was left holding precious scrapbook paraphernalia in my hands.
Reality came hard.
My day was about to begin - minus scrapbooking.

Oh well, it was what my psyche needed at the time, and, it does make my day seem more tolerable!

So. . . . . thank you dreamland! ! ! And . . . . thanks to all the participating "characters" ! ! !

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"She's not available."

This afternoon, as I was cleaning out one of my cabinets, the phone rang. I couldn't get to it right away. When I finally checked the number I saw that it was Paul. I knew it was his day to have the girls and thought there might be a problem, or that he might be late to pick them up, so I called back right away and Helena answered the phone. ? ? ? She proceeds to tell me that she is a car rider today. They were going to pick Rease up next. Why didn't I answer the phone? What was I doing? She told me left a message. Hmmm . . . . . So. . . after our brief conversation I decided to check the message.
Here is what she says:

"She's not available." (She must be telling Paul this because I hear him say in the background to leave a message.) So she proceeds:
"Mom-mom, I'm a car rider today and we're going to pick Rease up now and we're gonna stop by your house later. I hope you're available then. Bye."

Okay, then. There you have it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It Blew in on the Wind!

Tuesday night when I went to bed the wind was blowing. Hard. It was a nice cool wind.
The kind you throw your windows open to!
The kind that makes you anchor down all light objects!
The kind that makes sleeping wonderful!

But with it - in the middle of the night - unbeknownst to me - it brought in the yellow dusty stuff. You all know it. It goes by the name of "Pollen". It belongs to the terroristic group -"Pollenators". It is not a kind thing to most people. Usually I don't have much problem with the little joker, but not this time. Nope - it has been very unkind to me. Very, very, unkind.

When I got up yesterday morning, "Pollen" had made itself at home all over my house! It is nasty stuff. (not at all like pixie dust) It's signature trademark can be seen on every available surface, both inside and out. It is unwelcome in my home - but it showed up without invitation anyway. Just goes to show you how brazen and inconsiderate the little beast can be!

For some reason, it has decided to take up residency inside my nasal cavity - as if my whole house isn't big enough for it. It leaves a nasty, bitter taste in my mouth. It causes me to blow my nose more than any one human being should be allowed. It itches my eyes and my face. It has caused me to start coughing - you know the kind of cough that makes you sound like a dying seal? Yes, that's the one.

I am not Mr. Rogers!
I don't recall asking: "Won't you be my neighbor?"

I can only imagine what these little "Pollenators" look like. My mind's eye (what's left of it) sees them as microscopic, yellow umpah-loompas - only with suction cups on their appendages. Sticking to every conceivable part of my nose, throat and mouth. Hanging onto my cheeks and the corners of my eyes, making them water. Washing them away, or blowing my nose non stop doesn't bother them - they are in supply. Headquarters sends in well trained gorillas to quickly replace their fallen counterparts. The battle is in full thrust.

I can say I truly sympathize with allergy sufferers.
It is NOT pleasant.
It is gross.
It is disruptive.
It is a pain in the buttocks!
I DON'T like it!
I WON'T like it!
But, I WILL deal with it. How? That is the question.

Oh - to be a pharmaceutical company right now - I imagine they are happy campers!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Turbulent Tuesday

This morning I glanced out my kitchen window to see several employees leaving the bank via the side door. I assumed they were going to a meeting at another bank until I realized that all the employees were exiting the building! Not, not I say, a good sign. In my heart of hearts I was hoping they were doing a drill. As they gathered in the parking lot next to my house I wandered outside and asked timidly:
"Are you doing a drill?" No, was the reply.
"Were you robbed?" No, was the reply.
"Is there a bomb?" There is a suspicious package similiar to the one they found at the Mardela post office, was the reply.

Not good. Not good, I tell ya.

I "borrowed" some photos from the news clips to share what I did see out my window, and what I didn't see - probably for the best, I think.

This was the first thing, after the employees were outside. . . . .

and this . . . . .

This did not make me feel good at all - nope. . . . . . .

nor this . . . . .

This is what I couldn't see. . . . . .

Then this . . . . . . . .
There aren't many words to describe how it makes you feel to know your town has been shut down by one lone man on a mission. Not only was the bank evacuated, but the post office across the street and the Food Right on the other side of the bank. Main street was "closed". Period.
In addition both our schools were under code orange.
By noon all was clear, but not forgotten.
As it turned out, there was only literature in the "suspicious package". It could have been worse, a whole lot worse.
You have to admire and respect those men and women who lay their lives on the line on our behalf.
Praises to each and every one.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hmmm. . . . . . .

On the way home from shopping this morning I was listening to SRN news. Not engrossed in it - news in and of itself depresses me. But something caught my ear. Divorce. Among - of all people - same sex marriages. Made the corners of my mouth turn up - just a bit - well - a lot :)
Hmmm. . . . .

Seems there was a small problem - a judge would not grant a divorce to a "same sex marriage" couple. See, in his jurisdiction - same sex marriage was illegal. So - seeing how same sex marriage was illegal and not to be performed - the same held true for "same sex divorce". Hmmm . . . . sounds like trouble in paradise if you ask me. Guess this means that the loveless couple will have to pack their bags and head back to whence they were married to "get - unmarried"?

It appears the whole "same sex marriage" thing has some created some "snags" for itself. Did they think because they had "conquered" the legal system and all those conservatives that they would "live happily ever after", because after all, it was now their legal right? Or maybe they thought they would be "exempt" from the stresses of everyday life, which give little to no concern to whom they affect?

At any rate, I'm thinking getting unhitched has created an obstacle aaaall it's own!

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