Monday, April 19, 2010

I Had a Dream . . . . . .

Someone (I won't say who, but her initials are: Kelly Majors) texted me at 6:00AM this morning to tell me the girls had school today after texting me last night to tell me they didn't. My alarm is set for 6:30 - arrghhh! Anyway, I felt it was necessary to go back to bed and get my 40 extra winks! I could have been Rip Van Winkle because it felt like I had been asleep for days before my alarm actually went off! Yes, I know he actually slept for 20 years - but that's ok - I think you get the picture.

During my 40 winks, I had a dream I was at work. I walked into Julie Price's office to find her laying out scrapbooking pages on one of those fold out tables - the white plastic kind. She told me she was getting ready for Heidi's tonight. I remember thinking, "but, you're at work". Hmmm. . . . So I proceeded down the hall to another office - I can't remember now who was there, but I knew her in my dream. Not only was "I can't remember who you are" there, but so was her husband? ? ? ? Odd, I thought. She also was arranging layouts on a fold out table. She was going to Heidi's too! Alrighty then.

I proceed to my office, but before I could do anything, in walks Heidi. Queen of "no need to work today, we're scrapbooking tonight"! In her hand she had some pictures of Dan and Ben when they were in school. They were basketball pics - did Dan even play basketball???? No, no, he didn't. . . . . She also had some fall looking cut outs she had done and some very intricately cut words, that she had done by hand no less. I was afraid to touch them when she gave them to me for fear of tearing them. These items were for my use at her house tonight. She had more pictures to give me (of her and PG at King's Dominion? Okay? ? ) when they "get here".

Oh my. Were we really going to scrapbook? Did we really abandon all work ethics on this particular day to "prepare" for our time together? Was I dreaming?

Yes, yes, and yes.

The alarm went off and I was left holding precious scrapbook paraphernalia in my hands.
Reality came hard.
My day was about to begin - minus scrapbooking.

Oh well, it was what my psyche needed at the time, and, it does make my day seem more tolerable!

So. . . . . thank you dreamland! ! ! And . . . . thanks to all the participating "characters" ! ! !


  1. Wow Barb... I think I may text you early some morning and see what the results may be....Another wild dream like that sounds like fun... LOL

  2. I guess I better clean up my stuff if all you girls are coming over tonight. Check your e-mail--no basketball pictures, but plenty of soccer pictures of Ben and Dan for you to make your "DREAM" layout. Come and play if you want to, just give me a call--I'd be glad to play.


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