Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bekah Boo!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Bekah Boo
Happy Birthday Little Lady
Happy Birthday to you!

I know
You can thank me later
But it is . . . . . you
After all
What would life be
Without . . . . . this?!?!?!
Seriously, tho
I love you so
You are a light
Shining bright
My heart sings for you
Because your soul is true.
Happy Birthday!
Aunt Crickett

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, Catie Bug!

It's hard to place you as an adult when the memories of your youth occupy my mind.  But what a beautiful adult you have blossomed into! 

Don't ever shake off the playful side of life.  You wear it well!
Happy Birthday, Catie Bug!  Happy Birthday!
Love you bushels
Aunt Crickett

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Birthday, Alicia!

Happy Birthday to the first born daughter of my first born daughter!

21 is such a small number with such a large impact.
Please think first before you act
Hold this "adventure" close to your heart
Because, for you it holds a fresh new start.
Be it here, or be it there
Make sure you wear it with utmost care
We all love you, yes indeed
And want nothing more than for you to succeed.
So hold this adventure close to your heart
Our love for you we impart
Be it here, or be it there
Make sure you guard it with utmost care.
I love and miss you, Little Lady

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Reasey Peacy

Here we go! ! ! 
13years old today
How the time has
slipped away
It won't be long
I'm afraid to say
That 13 will be
just yesterday!

Happy Birthday to a Bubble that brings smiles to all who know and love her.
I love you very much


Monday, June 2, 2014

In My Spare Time

In all my five minutes of spare time ~ between cleaning out, cleaning up, buying plants, planting, moving junk stuff around, getting the third floor ready to turn into my sewing/crafting area, refereeing fights, calling the heating and air people, and trying to remember to eat ~ I have been doing this:

Don't ask me what's going on with the wallpaper here. 
I think it's user error.
Pay no mind to the candy dish ~ it contains my
sanity ~ dark chocolate kisses.

Back this winter I purchased a china cabinet from the gal who cuts my hair.   Thank you Kellie! !
It sat on my side porch until last week.  She was lonely.  I could hear her calling me.  I brought her in. She needed a good make over,  and by George, I was going to give her one! 

I didn't take "before" pictures because, apparently, I don't know how to operate my camera properly.  The memory card was full and wouldn't let me delete anything insisting the card was "protected".  Since when?  I didn't protect it.  I had to get the manual out to figure out how the card protected itself.   Hm.  Seems somewhere along the way when I took it out to download, I apparently hit a switch on the side of the card that prevented me from altering it in any way.  Now, since when do little 1 x 1.5 inch SD cards have a "switch"?  Since forever, I guess.  Perhaps I should mention that my boy helped me figure it out.  Just in case he decides to read this funny business I call a blog.   At any rate we are  back in business. 

But, if you are really curious as to what it looked like before, just look at the inside of the middle picture.  It was all that 70's walnutty color.   I haven't done the top doors yet.  Perhaps I will photograph them later on ~ just for kicks and giggles.  You will get a better idea.  The bottom doors are done.  I have to find hinges and handles that I like.  I'm thinking something black.

I'm pleased with it.  It didn't take as long as I thought it would.  One coat of some pinkish-red chalk paint over the finish made it look dark and aged.  I liked the way it turned out.  I was scared at first because it was so "pink".  But it dried nicely.  I wouldn't use it on a light piece of furniture ~ too pinkish.   I put poly over the red (instead of waxing it).  I knew it would get a lot of use.  The black is Glidden paint with primer ~ two, not so serious, coats.

When I get back from KY, I will finish her up and dress her accordingly.  She will house my milk glass collection nicely.

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