Thursday, April 8, 2010

It Blew in on the Wind!

Tuesday night when I went to bed the wind was blowing. Hard. It was a nice cool wind.
The kind you throw your windows open to!
The kind that makes you anchor down all light objects!
The kind that makes sleeping wonderful!

But with it - in the middle of the night - unbeknownst to me - it brought in the yellow dusty stuff. You all know it. It goes by the name of "Pollen". It belongs to the terroristic group -"Pollenators". It is not a kind thing to most people. Usually I don't have much problem with the little joker, but not this time. Nope - it has been very unkind to me. Very, very, unkind.

When I got up yesterday morning, "Pollen" had made itself at home all over my house! It is nasty stuff. (not at all like pixie dust) It's signature trademark can be seen on every available surface, both inside and out. It is unwelcome in my home - but it showed up without invitation anyway. Just goes to show you how brazen and inconsiderate the little beast can be!

For some reason, it has decided to take up residency inside my nasal cavity - as if my whole house isn't big enough for it. It leaves a nasty, bitter taste in my mouth. It causes me to blow my nose more than any one human being should be allowed. It itches my eyes and my face. It has caused me to start coughing - you know the kind of cough that makes you sound like a dying seal? Yes, that's the one.

I am not Mr. Rogers!
I don't recall asking: "Won't you be my neighbor?"

I can only imagine what these little "Pollenators" look like. My mind's eye (what's left of it) sees them as microscopic, yellow umpah-loompas - only with suction cups on their appendages. Sticking to every conceivable part of my nose, throat and mouth. Hanging onto my cheeks and the corners of my eyes, making them water. Washing them away, or blowing my nose non stop doesn't bother them - they are in supply. Headquarters sends in well trained gorillas to quickly replace their fallen counterparts. The battle is in full thrust.

I can say I truly sympathize with allergy sufferers.
It is NOT pleasant.
It is gross.
It is disruptive.
It is a pain in the buttocks!
I DON'T like it!
I WON'T like it!
But, I WILL deal with it. How? That is the question.

Oh - to be a pharmaceutical company right now - I imagine they are happy campers!

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  1. Barb that reminds me of an episode of Curious George I just watched with Graham where George goes into his nose and trys to make the "germs" come out. THe germs say that they like it in his nose and want to stay. Maybe a trip to Washington State is just what you need :)


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