Wednesday, April 28, 2010



The wind tears them from the trees
And sends them downward at blinding speed.

They swirl and spin to all's delight
These wing-ed seeds set forth to flight.

They cause the kid in us to run
Chasing after them for fun.

In abundance they will flutter
To the ground, roofs, or gutters.

Catch them quickly if you can
Before they fly just past your hand

Should they make it to the ground
As they're spinning 'round and 'round -

Some like soldiers will stand tall
Others to their sides will fall.

But, we'll grab them up and toss them high
Just to watch them spin and fly!

So let the child within you rise
And chase those helicopters in the sky!


  1. The kids & I were just taking notice of those helicopters sticking up in our driveway yesterday... Thanks for the reminder to be like a kid when they float thru the air, rather then annoyed at them :-)

  2. So, I have been thinking for a really long time that you should try and submit some of your poems to Mary Janes Farm Magazine...I love that publication and she uses a lot of reader submissions. Your beautiful poems and subject matter just seem to fit the things that she features...what da' ya' think? I think you should go for it!!!


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