Monday, May 3, 2010

Carrie and Dan, Dan and Carrie!

The shower cake - made by Aunt Susan - beautiful to say the least

Carrie and Dan - how sweet
oh, and Mom-mom

The gift table
See the color theme yet?

The coveted "hat of bows"!

This weekend I had the pleasant privilege of attending a wedding shower for Dan and Carrie!
It was a beautiful shower, to say the least and appears that everything went off without a hitch!
The Bridal party did a superb job - kudos girls! ! ! !

Carrie was genuinely surprised and broke into tears, which in turn caused most of us to tear up. Oh what a happy time of tears! (I later heard that it made Dan tear, too - I won't say cry because he's a man, ya know?)

The games, the company, the food, all of it was great! Did I mention the food? - Just seein' if you're payin' attention here. The weather even co-operated and gave us a beautiful day!
The ride going to and coming from the shower was great too. I had a wonderful time chatting with Susan (aka: Aunt Susan, Miss So-in-so --that's another story in itself), Gracie (aka: Ganny), and Jackie (aka: Mom-mom, Mom-mom Jackie - still another story).

It is wonderful to see our children grow and mature into fine, responsible, young adults, and I thank the Lord for that. Period.

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