Monday, May 3, 2010


"Don't Talk to Aliens!"

My mom would say: "Don't talk to strangers.
I don't want you in any danger!"

So I did what I was told
Talked to no one, young or old

They had to be family or my friends
Before I said, "Yes, please come in."

But just the other day I read
Something that made me smack my head!

An article written by someone famous
Warning me: "Don't talk to aliens!"

You don't know if they're friend or foe
So up to them don't you go!

So what I want to know is this
Who are the aliens in our midst?

Is it the gal with hair bright pink
Or the one that's covered in ink?

Or the guy with spiked hair so blue
Sporting a gruesome green tattoo?

Perhaps it's the one with crop circles in his hair
Wearing chains hanging down to there?

Or the fellow with huge holes in his lobes
Does he live here upon this globe?

I don't believe it's the ones above
That the article is speaking of.

However, to put my mind at ease
I prefer to think it's any of these.

They are flesh and blood like me
They are people I can see.

But instead I think he means
The ones whose skin glows bright green

With nodules where their eyes should be
How on earth are they suppose to see?

Transparent bodies with nobby knees
And instead of five fingers, they have three!

Or maybe they are more robotic
Soaring around in mini rockets

With metalic bodies all bright and shiney
And I'm sure their brains are quite tiny.

I doubt their presence I will see
And I am content to "let them be"!

So for the aliens I'm to avoid
Let's just call them, Hawkins' 'droids!


Yes, I did read an article warning us not to talk to aliens, like I would - geez.
Mr. Hawkins, give us some credit here, would ya?

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