Saturday, May 15, 2010

Strawberry Pickin' Time means Strawberry Lickin' Time!

At least in this house!

While Bob and Alicia were here this past weekend we had to - just had to - make a trek to the strawberry patch. The patch of choice here is "Oakley's Market"! The berries were unusually large and abundant this year. May have had something to do with all the rain we endured this past winter and early spring!

In my opinion there is nothing that tops picking your own berries and then turning them into something akin to "Heaven on earth"! ! !

We didn't have time to make jam but had a request for some strawberry pies for dinner this evening. Alicia jumped right in and tackled the task at hand. (With some cheering from the side lines!) I think just as special as the pies, is the source of the recipe. Kelly got it from one of her old beau's grandmother and it has been a staple in this house every spring since! Thank you, thank you, Mrs. Betty Stephens! :)

Not only is the anticipation of the goodness of the pies overwhelming, the race to lick the pot is just as much part of making the goodness as the goodness itself!

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  1. That. Looks. DELICIOUS!!! And, I totally wish I was at your house :)


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