Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ocean City Stamp Convention/Car Show

Today I went to the Stamp Convention in Ocean City with Karen Kook and the second half of my "Aaron and Hur" team, Heidi! We had a lovely time shopping, I mean browsing, all the neat items one must have for the "addiction of choice". This was, needless to say, the place for Miss Heidi! I tried really, really, I mean, re-eally hard not to be an enabler! Do you know how hard that is when the things that strike your own fancy are just around the corner? ? ? NOT easy. Nope. Not at all. We did not, I repeat, DID NOT, break the bank, PTL! Guys, are ya hearin' this?

But . . . . right smack dab in the middle of our little excursion, the fire alarm went off. "Everybody leave by the nearest exit." This was not a drill. It was, however, a small kitchen fire. Don't think I'll be eating there. But all was well. As with every other woman I know, these two are good as multi-tasking. They ate lunch while waiting to return to the building. My kind of gals. Karen even shared her PB & J with me. It's always better when someone else makes it, don't you think?

But just in case you are a guy reading this, or perhaps you - Bob, these few photos are for you! Don't say we never think of our men when we are away - nope, nope, nope. We sacrificed valuable shopping, I mean browsing, time to take these pictures for you. I know - there aren't many, but it's hard to "hit a moving target"! So sit back - listen for the rumble, watch for the burnouts, and enjoy! (Yes, you do have to use your imagination a little here - jeepers, we can't do everything!)


  1. Wow...glad you 3 girls got to go to OC....Sounds like a fun time,even though a fire drill interrupted things... The mother-daughter lunch was nice too...About 30 came & Stephanie had a nice devotional..

  2. Thanks for keeping me from breaking the bank!! It was fun!! Can't wait to see what you create with the stuff you got (and borrowed).


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