Friday, May 7, 2010

Peony, Peony!

I've had this plant for several years. I have fretted over her, prayed over her and just plain begged her to bloom. And bloom she would not. Not until last year. And what glorious blooms she gave me. But to my dismay, one morning after a hard night's rain, I went outside and there she was, sprawled on the ground like a spider. And there my lovely lady stayed for the rest of the season. Oh - the horror!

So this year - ah-ha! - I got a peony ring. Yes I did! And it is lovely - well, not really. But it is practical for my lovely plant, and she wears it well. She is in full bloom as we speak and the ring helps her hold her blossoms high and display them like the queen of my flower bed that she is! ! !

Looking at her makes me want to don a frilly pink flowered frock, sparkly flip flops and dance around to Beach Boy music! (Yes, I said the "d" word and "BB" in the same sentence!) But in lieu of that image blazing in your brain, I chose to share some lovely pics. Easier on the eye, and mind, I say.

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