Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lost in Thought. . . . .

Little Miss McKenna Leigh
My great-niece ~ Jessie's heart throb
Tiger's grand-baby girl

I just want to say. . . I could just gobble this girl up!
She brings so many emotions to surface when I see all
the pictures that Jessie posts of her. 

I. Want. Her.
Plain and simple.

I can only imagine what she may be thinking here.  She is so

Is it something she sees outside the car window?
Is she thinking about where she's going or where she's been?
Is she thinking about her friends?
Is she thinking about her mama?
Is she thinking something deep and profound, something
that only God would be privy to?

I just sit and stare.  Wondering. 
My heart catches a little when I look at her. 

She is lost in thought and oblivious to the world, but  ~ she has my attention.

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