Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Break Review

Call a spade a spade, is what I say.  So it is NOT Spring Break in my book ~ it is Easter Vacation. Period.

Anyway, just a look back at how this past week unfolded.  I am never certain as to how things will flow with three gals ~ ranging in age from "Bossy, Sassy and Don't Look at Me".   I just hold my breath, hunker down, and only peek when absolutely necessary!

On Monday we decided brownies were in order ~ so brownies it was.  I think they may have had a hankering for them.  Let's just pull up a chair.  Nothing like watching brownies bake while enjoying a baggie of oyster crackers. 

Watching Brownies Bake

On Tuesday, it was, you guessed it ~ dump the clothespins day ~ count them, clip them together, take them apart, divide them into piles, pick them up and do it all over again . . . .

I'll say it again ~ cheap entertainment!

On Wednesday I decided to finish polishing the silver I started on Tuesday.  Ben made the statement that old silver should not be used anymore.  The girls on the other hand ~ can't wait to use it! 
Not very ap"peal"ing to Banana Man

oooo  . . . . . shiny

Thursday came and went, as did Friday.  We drove ourselves crazy with Mario Brothers. Being so close, but sooooo far from the end evokes insanity and short tempers!  You should see Baby Girl with the Wii remote.  She'll be a pro soon, guaranteed.  That is ~ if she will keep it away from her mouth so she doesn't lose playing privileges!  Goldilocks and Reasy Peasy left early.  That left Baby Girl and I to ourselves for the rest of the day.  Just when you are getting used to the noise level, it falls back to the chatter of baby garble and the patter of tiny feet being chased by a weary old lady.  So our day goes ~ just the two of us ~ once again.  We are cheap entertainment for each other ;).

It's Jello Jiggler time!

So today, the Little Ladies whipped up a batches of Jello for Jello Egg Jigglers.  We shall have them for dinner dessert tomorrow.

I've been focusing all week on tomorrow and the reason we are celebrating the Easter Vacation that leads up to Easter Sunday.  It is more than humbling when I think of the depth of the holiday and the gift that I so DON'T deserve.   

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