Monday, April 16, 2012

Accomplishments, Relaxation and Discoveries

Last week Rease secured a coveted spot amongst the 5th graders.  Safety Patrol.  She has talked about this all year ~ she wanted it badly and by golly she got it!  She is so excited.  That belt and badge have become a part of her attire, both at school and home!  I wonder if she sleeps in it!  I can remember wanting the very same thing when I was in 6th grade (that was the last year of elementary when I was in school).  Our belts were white cotton and we had to learn to fold them a certain way.  I didn't become Safety Patrol until the fourth marking period ~ as did Rease. What a way to end elementary years ~ by achieving such a sought after goal!  I am so proud of her!

Baby Girl has found a new way to watch TV.  Yep, she's laying on a footstool, with her blankie, sucking her thumb and watching 'toons.  To be so little and so content ~  ahhh.  

Baby Girl is good at helping pick up her toys. She puts some of her own things away when she is done and will help when asked to pick up the rest.  She's gotten clever on me.  She has a toy stash in every room of the house. This morning when I went to put away my loaf pans (that she thinks are hers) this is what I found:

Hm. . . . . what can I say?  She put them away. . . .

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