Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Poetry

I had am having a stressful week.  So many things on my mind.  When I get like this I tend to write poetry in my head.  God allows me to remember only certain ones.  It's a good thing, because the ones I "forget" could do damage to one's heart ~ mainly mine.  They are just terribly raw.  And even on those days when forgetful poetry enters my mind God gives me hope, a light in the dark ~ or in today's case ~ a light in the middle of the morning!   It's His way of re-routing my thought process.  Good thing He's in control.  I'd be a bigger mess than I already am!

"Half Moon"

As I stand here at my kitchen sink
Pondering about my day,
I look up to see Half Moon
Staring down my way.

What a pleasant surprise I think
As I see her hanging there
In the pale blue morning Sky
Amidst the clouds so fair.

I forget the woes upon my mind
As I think about this sight . . .
As Half Moon makes her presence known
Donning her soft white light.

Complementing the pale blue sky
Her skin ~ a soft translucent white.
Gives her such a fragile look
Masking her strength and might.

The clouds and she play hide-n-seek
And she's hidden from my sight.
The wisps and willows of the clouds
Are the perfect shade of white.

But then she slowly reappears
Not far from where she was
As the clouds puff slowly past her face
My head becomes abuzz.

I think of what she might see
From her point of view.
Does she see a sweetness fair
Hanging in her sky of blue?

Does she tell the stars at night
Of the many things she sees
As she moves around the earth below
With proficient grace and ease?

It matters not that she sees me.
It's comfort enough to know
That as she hangs in God's great sky
Her light on Earth will show!


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  1. Woman! You are GOOD!!! I mean it. You really should send your poetry into magazines or other is so beautiful <3


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