Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Home Base

 According to Goldilocks:

"Mom-mom's house is home base.  When you are here no one can touch you.  Kind of like tag. It's where you go to be safe. They can chase you and hoover around home base, but they can't come onto home base.  You are safe.  But once you leave, you're fair game. Anyone can get you."

This was said to the Mama Bear yesterday while laying in my kitchen floor with her hands to her head in dread.  She'd been here since she got off the bus and dropped her things by Papa Bear's.  I knew why and watched the above scenario unfold after she told  Mama Bear her dilemma ~ as she had told me:

*Papa Bear got an email from Teacher stating her concerns about Goldi's academic situation.  Seems Goldilocks has been slacking a bit.  And. .  . she's had her phone on in class.  And Teacher had to rearrange seating for chatting reasons. Definite no-no's.  I scolded her about the phone and raised my eyebrows about the rest.  Apparently I didn't raise my eyebrows loud enough, because she told Mama Bear I didn't yell at her,  I just listened.  Oh, the joys of Grand-parenting.   But back to Papa Bear.  He texted our Little Goldilocks (while she was still in school) to say he had received the email and they would discuss it further when he got home. *

Thus the reason for the wringing of hands and the comfort of "Home Base". She wasted no time getting here, and stayed 'til the last possible minute.   Mama Bear wasn't any the more happy with her.  I felt like I needed to squirm.  Don't know why ~ . . . .  But I will say, I was glad I was on "Home Base" myself.  I did take the Mama and Papa Bear's sides.  We can't let our girl fall to the way side.  She needs to be held accountable. 

She got her phone taken away and she can't come to Mom-Mom's until her grades come up.  Now, WHAT did I do??  Seems to me she wasn't the only one to be punished here.  Yes, I am complaining, and whining.  And venting.  So much for taking the parent Bear's sides.  Pft. 

Oh, and in honor of today:  BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH!!!!
Who is your Brutus?!  I think mine is the Bear parents. 

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