Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I've not written a heart felt, deep thinking, no nonsense post in quite some time. It seems life has thrown her monkey wrenches in my plans at the most inopportune times. 

My days are filled with a one year old.  She is not the "monkey wrench", per se, but she stalls my plans, (my plans are not her plans.) I'm like a plane in a holding pattern. I know where I need to go,
but have to wait for the Tower (AKA: Turtle Dove) to allow me to proceed. I circle and wait, and finally with my landing gear out, I descend into the 5 o'clock hour. I roll to a jerky stop and hug my passengers as they exit the rear door.  By that time I am as worthless as a plugged nickel.

I can barely pull dinner off, let alone write on my blog.  If I didn't have everyday chores on top of cooking, I might have some free time.  Maybe.  I don't know.  Who knows, really?  Who? Not me, that's for sure.  Those two things, dinner and chores, are monkey wrenches. (Two of many.)

At any rate, it has been a hard start to a new  year.  Death cane calling.  Families weren't prepared. No one sees The Grim Reaper coming.  That is how he operates, unannounced and, most assuredly, unwelcome.  He doesn't discriminate. He's not picky.  And he's on no one's schedule. 

It's now well into March. I have to so much on mind and heart to write about, but not sure that I could find the right words even if I found the time.  Time.  They say it heals all wounds.  Does it?  Or does it just soften the pain?  At any rate, I know I will find the time when I find the words.  And I suppose that is the frightening part.  When the words come.  Because we know, when the words come, they will open wounds and leave way for pain to follow.  Again.  And  no one wants pain. Especially pain of the heart. 

Speaking of the heart.  My Boy and I were talking last week.  About the heart and how it responds to emotional situations.  He said (in his infinite wisdom) that if the emotional pain were severe enough it could cause the heart to stop beating (AKA - heart attack).  He said there were these "heart strings" within the heart  and they could break given the right circumstances.  It goes to show, one could literally die of a broken heart.   Don't know why I felt it important to share this.  I guess it causes one to ponder life's oddities and the complexities of the body and soul.

I suppose I should run along.  I have a ton of no-nonsense things that need to be done while the Little
Turtle Dove is sleeping.   And I need a fresh cup of octane, I mean coffee. 

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