Sunday, March 19, 2017

In My Dreams

Dreams are funny things.  They can be triggered by any one or combination of events in our daily goings and comings. It could be as simple as a conversation, a movie, or late night snacks.  Or it could be as deep as one's longing for distant family, a combination of the three afore mentioned, a fear,  or a need for resolution of an event to which there was not much control.

I had a dream the other night that I'm sure was triggered by the last cause I mentioned.  An ongoing heartache triggered by an event of which I had no control.  Someone very near and dear to me became very angry with me.  Mean and hurtful things were said.  Conversation ceased. A love that I would die for dropped me like a hot potato and didn't blink twice about it. A shunning.  I have been at a loss as to how to resolve that issue, ease that pain, but to no avail.  I love this person.  I would never intentionally do or say anything that would spur such a reaction.  That cause was not mine, yet I've had to own it, bear its weight.

My dream was bittersweet.  I finally was able to talk to That One, but on the condition that the object of the "shun" would not be discussed.  A short three second dream that would ultimately end in a warm  hug and tears on my part.  I'll take that for now.  I'll embrace the hope for resolve.  I'll let that dream by my comfort. And I will pray for healing.

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