Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Truck

Sometimes. . . . . . .

We have a thing here where we try to wave goodbye to family and friends as they leave.  Most of the time we make it.  However, this morning, we missed waving to the Boy.  Ittty Bitty, Turtle Dove and I were standing at the door waving goodbye to their Mommy.  I made the comment that we had missed the Boy this morning.  Itty Bitty said:  "He drove his truck."  Not sure if that was justification for missing him or not.  But, she continues on:

Ittty:  "He won't let me drive his truck." 
Me:  "Oh, yea?  He won't let me either."
Itty:  "He'll let Rease drive it."

Pause ~ thinking. . . . .(never a good sign)

Itty:  "He won't let me."
Me:  "Well, you're too little to drive  his truck."
Itty:  "Well, you're too old!" 
Me:  "I'm not too old!"
Itty:  "I can drive it.  I drive Annalynne's all around."

If she doesn't stop telling me I'm O.L.D., I think I may start believing it!  Maybe I'll even act it!
Now let's just move on to normal, everyday things like, I don't know, singing?

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