Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hum. . . hum. . . humming birds. . .huuum. . . iiiing. . . birrrds!

Today was a "weepy" day for me. Not sure why. Just know it was. I had plenty of time to reflect on past issues, trying to put them in order, make sense of them, if you will. I chatted with God about these "things" I struggle with. He is the only One who understands. I am, however, not sure if I do. I don't generally ask anything from Him, anything trivial, that is. I direct most of my desires towards my family. But every now and then I will ask for something. Anything that will brighten my day. Sometimes I don't see it. It could be that it was so obvious that I actually overlooked it.

But I did get today's gift! It was beautiful, I must say. I love humming birds. They are quick and sure and beautiful and know exactly where to go and when and they always leave me in awe. To see one is amazing to me. But God didn't just send one my way. Today He sent many!

There is a mimosa tree in my neighbor Tim's yard. I am forever seeing dragon flies, butterflies and bees in that tree. It looks and smells wonderful! This evening the tree hosted another fascinating winged creature. The coveted humming bird. There had to be at the very least a half dozen or more of these birds! They were having a hay day in that tree. They flitted from flower to flower. They played "tag" in mid air. They flew from this tree to another and back again! They were still out there when we came in at dusk. I ate dinner on the picnic table just so I could watch them. I was like a kid in a candy shop!

I was thrilled to get this picture. It's akin to trying to photograph lightening! I killed the batteries waiting on this bird! But it was worth it. Who knows, maybe I will have the opportunity again to try my hand at "capturing" these birds. We'll see. We'll just wait and see.

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  1. Hummers are SO fascinating...I can just sit & watch them & continue to be amazed each time they show up....Im not sure what it is about them. So glad the Father in heaven sent them your way on a day when you needed a special "treat"........Thanks for sharing your thoughts Barb..


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