Thursday, July 22, 2010

Matters of Life and . . . . . .

On Tuesday we (Jenny, Ben, Erica, Hope, Rease, Helena and I) went to Ocean City so Jenny could buy a couple of hermit crabs for Erica for her birthday. The shells on those things are nothing like they used to be. Now they are painted up in all kinds of designs. Erica got "Sponge Bob" and baseball painted shells. Really cool. I'll have to get Jenny to take a pic and post it here later.

Anyway, as we are walking, I have Helena on my right and Erica on my left.
The conversation at that moment went something like this:

Helena: "Mom-mom, you know the apartments we used to live in? They, um, found two people dead there."
Me: "I know. I heard it on the news. Aren't' you glad you don't live there any more?"
Helena: "Yea. But why do people kill themselves?"
Me: "I don't know. Not very smart are they?"
Erica: "It's so they won't get in trouble."

And on we go.

So, I guess that sums it up. If you want to whack someone one and don't want to get in trouble, I guess that means you have to whack yourself!

(On a serious note - there was a homicide at those apartments. I didn't elaborate on this to the girls. It took a very long time for them to get past the little Foxwell girl's abduction and murder. All of them were here at that time and it was very scary and very hard for them to grasp.)

I hate that such "heavy" things have to weigh on a child's mind. Even the news is "R" rated anymore. Such a sad thing - that all the ugly out shines any good and an indescribable fear is left in the hearts and minds of our children.

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