Friday, July 16, 2010

Things That Make You go . . . "Hmmm . . ."

Yesterday as I was finishing my blog about my "wallet", Kelly handed me Piper and asked if I would finish feeding her while she ran home and changed. They had been swimming in the pool.
As I am feeding this little sweetie, Helena is eating a peach in her little chair just diagonally behind me. Perfect spot to analyze the veins in my legs, again. So. . . here we go:

Helena: "Mom-mom, you have veins in your legs."
Me: "Yes, I do."
Helena: "They are in 3-D."
Me: "3-D?"
Helena: "Yes, one is sticking out!"

I turn and look at her, as she is slurping her peach, not missing a beat, she smiles back at me.


Kelly returns and visits for a bit and as she is collecting her "parcels" (that being the girls), she points out the rebate check on my kitchen counter. I know, I tell her. I need to take it to the bank. But she keeps "tapping" it. So I walk over and look at the check.

Yep, she's been here alright!

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