Saturday, July 31, 2010


"Deep in Slumber"

As I see them deep in slumber
I can't help myself, but to wonder
What dreams lie within their minds
Or would sweet nothings be what I find?

The peace that rests upon their faces
Takes me back to distant places
Where life was simple and carefree
This is what my heart does see.

But are they dreaming as I stare
About such things without a care?
Are their minds just peacefully blank
Or are they planning today's new pranks?

It's not up to me to know at all
But for them to recall
Those things that played out in their sleep
All that's good, and fun, and sweet.

So as they lay there in peaceful slumber
My heart can't help but to wonder
If their lives will be full of grace
As they make their way from "place to place".

I long for them the simple things
That only God's love and joy can bring.
For success in all life's many endeavors
And to make their marks, for now, forever.

So as they lay there in peaceful slumber
My heart can't help but to wonder . . . . . .


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  1. Oh, Barb, I love this! The pictures and the words are perfect. My littlest is sleeping right now and I am going to go upstairs and watch him! Love you!


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