Friday, September 17, 2010

Anthology Book.

Last night as we are finishing homework, I tell Helena to get her Reading book. It is laying amongst a mess she has scattered in the floor.
It's been a long afternoon. She wants to Dilly-dally, Rease wants to be Chatty Cathy, and Piper wants her bottle.

So, as I ask Miss Dilly-dally a second time to retrieve her Reading book, she looks and me. . . and. . . .here we go:

Miss Dilly-dally: "Why?"
Me: "Because you have Reading homework. Now get your Reading book." She is looking at me like I have five eyes.
Miss Dilly-dally: "I don't have a Reading book." (see where this is going?)
Me: "Helena, it's right THERE!" (as I'm pointing to said book in middle of clutter)

Chatty Cathy is watching this unfold. Piper is drooling out the side of her mouth. I can feel Ben watching. All eyes are on this little drama that is unfolding.

Miss Dilly-dally, as she picks up the book in question: "This is my Anthology book."
Me: "Anthology book ? ? ?" Do I look confused? Yes? Well, it's because I am.
Miss Dilly-dally: "Yep. That's what my teacher calls it."

Well shut my mouth and knock me over with a feather.
Chatty Cathy is grinning. I look up and Ben is standing a the other end of the table grinning louder and pointing his finger at me. And to make me feel better: says he: "It's okay mom. I only know what it is because of literature." He proceeds to explain to his mom that an Anthology book is a compilation of short stories.

Now, since when do six year old first graders call their Reading books Anthology books? Hm?
Since they have a teacher that calls them that. And we all know, what Teacher says. . . . .
I can hear it now: "Okay class. Get out your Anthology books and turn to page . . . .".

Just humor me here. Does this not say "Reading"? Does it not?

Where are the good ol' days? Where?

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