Thursday, July 7, 2011

Romantic VS Realistic

I was asked to "update my blog, plz". Oh - okay. I'm just a little behind. Not to worry, though, all is under control. Yea, right, I tell myself as I try to figure out where all my spare time is that everyone seems to think I have.

In theory, I am a romantic. I "imagine" a "perfect little world" with "perfect little kids" in a "perfect little house". That is about as far as it goes.

The realistic view is: busy little people, chaos - on a good day - clutter - almost every day, and a house that feels like it's "upside down"! This is the half of me that I am forced to live with - every single day. It is what it is and sometimes I wouldn't change a thing - well, except for the clutter part. That's why I can't find my spare time!

So, here's what's been happnin' in my part of the world for the last couple weeks or so:

My Goldilocks got her locks cropped! I'm in love! I want her hair - badly!

I got to meet my brand new - to me, anyway - great-granddaughter and give her her first "real" bath in the "tub"! I was suppose to be helping Alicia out, but I helped myself to that wonderful little task! Can I just say - I fell in love all over again!

Helena, Rease and Ben got to meet her too! Something about a little baby that brings out the "happy" in us! Can I hear an AMEN?!

Piper is smitten with her. She just needs to be around her, touching her - and her things.
"Can I get a little help here, Mom-Mom? She bothering my stuff! No, honey, I'm busy taking cute little pictures!"

The doctors had told Alicia the wrong formula to use, and she was very, I mean VERY, fussy for the first two weeks she was in Maryland. But. . . . for some reason, this little blossom loves laying on my washer! We can't for the life of us figure out what it is about this that makes her happy. I doesn't have to be on - she just has to be on it!
She's better now, mostly. Alicia got her the "right stuff!"

We had our yearly fireworks and "bicycle parade". I also had family and our next door neighbor over to enjoy the festivities with us. It was a very busy day. I need another whole post just for that. It was wonderful letting the girls swim, cooking out, and watching the explosive beauty - all from the comfort of our own deck! What more could one want? Hm?

And of course, Baby Girl has decided to stroll along by herself now. Her independence was also decided on the fourth when one little tyke played with her things and all she could do was crawl after him! Nothing like having to defend your turf to get you off your knees!

So. . . . that's where I've been lately. Busy with babies, kiddlings and bigger kiddlings. Painting, fixing up, entertaining, laundry, laundry, and more laundry. Late dinners, early mornings, and mid day coffee upon occasion. That's it. All in my spare time that I can't seem to find. But that's okay by me!


  1. Enjoyed reading about your busy far.. Looks like a typical time surrounded by family!!! Gotta love it! Thanks for sharing the pix...pretty little ladies you are surrounded by :-)

  2. Oh, thank you sooo much Barb! I needed an update reeaaal bad! Sounds like your summer is a lot like mine. I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I am not exactly sure just what it is I am doing! haha! Love you my dear friend! Wish we could share a cup of afternoon coffee/tea together :)Hugs from me.


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