Friday, May 8, 2015


A few months back Piper got a "Fairy house" in one of her Highlights magazines.  We cut it out and put it together with the help of a little glue and tape.   She hung it on my fireplace screen and  waited patiently for a Fairy to appear. (It's been hanging here for quite some time.)  I told her Fairies only come out after dark, when she's in bed.  Even though she didn't like it, she accepted it.

Piper's Fairy House

Today she was playing around with it and this is somewhat how the conversation went:

Me:  Mopping floor
Piper:  Playing with her Fairy house.
Me:  Listening to her chatter.
Piper:  "Mom-mom, I need some bait."
Me:  "What kind of bait?"
Piper:  "Fairy bait."
Me:  "What would that be?"
Piper:  "A tooth."

Alrighty then. 

So, me, being a very quick and bright Mom-mom, sent her to Uncle Ben to ask for bait, telling her to tell him what she needed it for.  Little did I know she had already been to him asking for bait and he, being all knowing, was the one who suggested she use teeth. He said she politely told him, "Well, you've got teeth."  "So do you." he says to her.  This must have been the "chatter" I heard and where I came into the conversation.  And since neither of them were willing to give up their teeth, she resorted to me ~ the problem solver ~ only I couldn't solve this one! She had gone full circle with no resolve.  She hung the little house back in its rightful spot and moved on.

She already has her little treasure box for her teeth for when the Tooth Fairy does come ~ which, given today's conversation, makes me worry that there may be premature tooth loss.  That, or, Helena or Zoe's lost teeth will become just that, L. O. S. T. Lost to the Fairy house for bait.  And they would be none the wiser. 

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