Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 4th ~ Part 2

This year's celebration included a birthday celebration as well.  There are two of us who fall just before or just after the Fourth.  I already had my cake ~ and ate it too!

This year the birthday that followed was a milestone year for the youngest of my sibs.  She hit the BIG 50!  I think she may have been a little bummed 'cause the word on the street was that she was thinking of not coming this year.  Eek.  Panic.  Think, girl, think!  What to do, what to do?

I, maybe, would have let it roll, but there were two quite lovely surprises waiting for her here. She didn't know we were celebrating her and we couldn't let her bail.  Nope.  No way. No how.  Scurrying for a reason to call and expect her here without spilling the beans and ruining the surprise deemed tricky.  But being the oldest does have its perks sometimes.  I just simply told her what time everyone would be here to eat and said I'd see her then.  Period. End of story.  Now, hang up that phone before it all goes south!

Waiting game. 

I think she was quite surprised when she arrived and I sent her to the pantry to retrieve something for me.  Quite surprised indeed.

 Her two baby girls had managed to come "home" for her birthday celebration.  We hid them in the pantry.  You can't see her, but Nichole is on the other side (those are her shiny red nails).  I think Mama may have cried ~ just a little.  Sometimes it's the small things in life that give it the sweetest flavor.

There were a LOT  the perfect number of candles on that cake!

Then there was McKenna.  Turning 7!  How can this be?  Whew.  Time ~ you need to slow down.

I want this girl.

The day was great.  Happy kids + Happy adults = Happy Hearts!  Just.  That.  Simple.

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