Friday, June 12, 2009

"400 Mile Yard Sale" - Part 3

On the way to Harrodsburg, Jenny had spotted a little white church that she wanted to stop at and take pictures. We decided to hit it on the way back. There was an old rock wall/fence on the property, which was common throughout the whole "journey". The whole setting made for a great photo backdrop. It wasn't until she had started taking pictures of the girls on the wall, that I noticed it - a most beautiful thing - an "old rugged cross" made of old tree branches. It really seemed to be as old as the church - "Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, Established 1839". (I know it probably wasn't - but it was fun thinking it!)

The place was so serene - almost sacred feeling, until you turned around and saw the traffic ride by!

We took a few more random pics on the way home of beautiful country and a quirky looking man in a suit - no - he wasn't real, but his belt and necktie were!

We topped off the day with a visit to Hobby Lobby - my new favorite place to visit, dinner - which we didn't have to cook, since we had leftovers from the graduation and ice cream from Sonic! ! !

We really couldn't have planned a more perfect day. We laughed, posed, prayed (going around that mountain I prayed a lot) and filled our tummies with goodies! God was so good to us that day - it was a well needed, long time coming, heart warming time. And all because we decided to go to a "400 Mile Yard Sale". You never know how things will end up - you just have to keep your mind open and let the "chips fall where they may", and that day, they ALL fell in place!

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