Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"Our Little Kites"

Our little kites are in the air
They frolic here, linger there
They dance around without a care
On breezes soft, light and fair.

We guide them gently toward the sky
And as they're carried way up high
We stand below and expel a sigh
Watching our wingless birds glide by.

Within us burns a deep desire
To make our kites rise much higher
And our efforts cause us to admire
Our talents as novice fliers.

We play the string with all our might
Sending them upward to greater heights
Like large birds on wing-ed flights
We've conquered gravity with our kites!

But on occasion they will plummet
They have fallen from their summit
To the earth from which they cometh
Leaving us feeling not quite triumphant!

So we get our little kites back in the air
And watch as they frolic here, or linger there
And dance around without a care
On breezes soft, light and fair!


Yes, this is one of those poems that started in my head after I went to bed (after midnight) What's a girl to do? :)

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