Friday, September 7, 2012

Aunt "Ninny"

So, I'm taking a break from Summer blogging for just a few.  Life is running past me at blinding speed so I better keep up with the current events and fill in the past events when I can.  It's kinda like scrap booking ~ you do current pictures first, then tackle the older ones.  Makes no sense to me, but that's what I've been told works best in order to get things done.  And . . . I want to get things done, now don't I? So, that's what I do.

Any who.  Today my phone rang while Baby Girl was eating her lunch.  Every single time it rings she thinks it's Aunt "Ninny" because that's who she talks to on my phone. And it's usually around five o'clock  every day, so she usually gets to answer it herself.  But it becomes a battle of the wills if I get the phone first.  I'm talkin' wailing, flailing, rolling on the floor temper fit!  Thank you, Jenny.   But when she has her way and all is well, she will "talk" non-stop to Aunt "Ninny", filling her in about her day, I'm supposing.  It's mostly gibberish that only she understands but sometimes a familiar sounding word makes itself known . It doesn't help that she walks around like a teenager ~ doodling with things, staring blankly out the front door, leaning on a chair ~ the whole while saying her two cents worth. Me?  I'm waiting patiently for my turn.  Um. . . who's in control here?  Anybody?  Hello?   

Today, however,  she was eating her lunch and couldn't get to my phone.  I could see the anxiety on her face.  So, being the pushover good Mom-mom that I am (tee-hee), I let her answer and talk to Aunt "Ninny" (Baby Girl had to leave in a short bit and wouldn't be able to get her "5:00 call"). 

She even talks to Aunt Ninny on her "play" phone.  All. The. Time.  She has even figured out how to charge her phone to make it "work", but then realized that she was tethered to the wall.  No to worry.   We'll just have a seat and talk while we wait!

It makes for an interesting day.  I have to watch her like a hawk.  We've had to hide the chargers and I have to put my phone up high. 

She's busy.

I'm tired!

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