Friday, November 9, 2012

Things ~ They Are a'changin'

Life with a two year old is, and will always be, unpredictable.  We just crossed the potty-training hurdle.  I said before Baby Girl had an agenda all her own and she stuck to it.  We are done ~ literally and figuratively.  That girl does me in on a daily basis.  I have learned to pray every day to just be able to go with the flow, pick my battles and hunker down for the long haul.  When I remember to do that my day goes smoothly.  And by smoothly I mean I'm not the one crying at the end of the day!

Today was, for the most part ~ and I say that because the day isn't over yet ~ a good day.  Not much grief on the food issues.  Not much grief about obeying.  Not much grief about anything actually.  Our routine was smooth as glass.  

Baby Girl's new favorite "show" is Max and Ruby.  It was Helena's as well at one time.  I have a DVD of Max and Ruby and it lives in the player.  It plays whether she's watching or not.  I try not to listen.  Try. With all. My might. 

Anyway, we eat lunch anywhere between 11:15 and 12:00 depending on how starved Itty Bitty is.  I usually don't put her down until around 1:00.  That's what works for me. Or it had.  Until today.

After lunch, Baby Girl played with her stuff a tad and then crashed on the love seat to watch Max and Ruby.  Ruby and Max.   See, the song gets stuck in my head.  I walk in to get ready to prepare her for nap time and she has all her bedtime buddies in a pile on the love seat with her.  She asks for the blue fuzzy blanket and informs me she is going nite-nite, turns her head away from me and acts as if she's sleeping.  (I'm thinkin' ~ um, no.  You are not.  You are going upstairs.)  But, I humor her and leave the room for a bit.  Lo and behold, when I return she is out like a light. Out.  Out.  Out.  Good Night Nurse.  What's a body to do?  I just  pushed the ottoman up against the love seat and let her be ~ 'cause Mama said:  "You never wake a sleeping baby."  Not. For. Nothin'. 

And to add insult to injury, I look over at the sofa and there lays Audrey, upside down, giving me the stink eye because I had the nerve to flash the camera and interrupt her "nap time".  There's something terribly wrong here.  Terribly wrong. 

So, I'm thinkin', things are a changin'.  Yep. Yep, they are.

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  1. Well I am guessing that you have now let Audry into the living room and on the sofa. Also Max and Ruby is still my favorite show wish that could have been her favorite when i was up their well love you!!


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