Monday, November 5, 2012

This One's For the Two of You . . . .

I didn't realize how long it's been since I've last blogged.  Not that you two are much better I must say.  It only took Alicia an eternity to get rolling at a somewhat acceptable speed and Nichole ~ true to your blog name ~ you certainly are miserly with your posts!  But when you guys do blog, I certainly enjoy reading what you have to say about what's going on in your corners of the world. 

Oh, and FYI, I did blog over on my other blog just the other day. So. There.

With all that said, I shall move on.   I have been a little slack writing lately, but have been busy playing with cotton.  I love the feel of cotton ~ kinda like that commercial:  "The touch . . . the feel . . . of cotton.  The fabric of my life."  And I must say I have missed playing with it over the years.   I  have an agenda for that cotton in my life.  Can't share it right now, but I think it would make you guys happy as well.

So, this is a short, but sweet post to two of my favorite worry-warts.  It makes me feel good to know you are keeping tabs on me.

I love you both ~ never, ever doubt that!

Going to scoot before the hoard of youngin's descends upon me. (I know, it's only three of them, but sometimes. . . .)  I NEED to be ready!  I never know what shenanigans are coming my way ~ tee-hee.

Enjoy your day with your studious little noses pressed to those large, daunting books!

Love ya, love ya, love ya! ! !

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  1. Well, Mom-Mom I don't have your other blog anymore, so therefore you didn't blog because I couldn't see it. I am glad you finally posted something I have seen your work in the past so I know you can do much, much better but this is a very good start to a month off. LOL!!!
    Love you bunches little lady.


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