Friday, October 12, 2012

Blueberry Babe

Sometimes Life gives you a bowl full of cherries ~ well, in this case a bowl full of blueberries.  Baby Girl is developing quite a fondness for fruit ~ most specifically (right now, anyway) apples, raisins, bananas and frozen blueberries.  She adores frozen blueberries and I need to be prepared to share my oatmeal if she realizes I have them.  This morning I opted to give her her own bowl of berries, to which she added her remaining raisins, while I ate my grub.  We chit-chatted about this and that as she savored her delicacies.  Then I look up from my bowl to see her smearing the blues on her finger tips.  When she saw me looking she nonchalantly informed me she was "painting" her nails.  Alrighty then.  And she was proud of her handiwork to say the least.  She didn't mind the photo ops this morning because her very own creation was center stage.

Painting of the nails

Let's show them off
And now ~ to enjoy the "fruits of our labor"
By the time she was done she was a lovely shade of blue!  I have this nagging feeling that she would have done very well in Biblical times using natural elements for beautifying herself.  Very well, indeed!

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