Friday, October 5, 2012

Quilt Love

I have renewed a love affair with quilting.  I can't seem to stop thinking about it.  It started when I re-organized a mass of sewing junk ~ which included, but wasn't limited to, unpieced quilt pieces and a quilt top that needed a backing.  I've tried to avoid contact with this fabric but it has been wooing me ever since I opened Pandora's Fabric Box.  Not to mention all the wonderful blogs and quilt sites I have discovered on the Internet showing me all the loveliness fabric can do!

I shall share a bit of the affairs of my heart with you as they blossom.  I am currently working ever so gently on that quilt top that was in Pandora's Fabric Box.  I have some ideas for it.  We shall see if they come to fruition.  Also in that box were some "Bow Tie" blocks that I took apart and reworked.  I'm thinking I may make a red, white and blue quilt using some of them. 

I made a sample "Pinwheel" block today using fall fabrics.  I'm likin' it!  What'cha think?

Now to decide if I want to make a quilt, a pillow, a wall hanging. . . . .  Whatever I decide, I NEED to do it and be done with it.  Too many quilt blocks and pieces lying around is akin to a monkey on my back!   And I hate monkeys on my back!

I am going to make another Dresden Plate Quilt.  I want to make:  a Bow Tie quilt, a Jacob's Ladder quilt, a Star quilt, a Rag quilt, a Nine Patch quilt. . . . on and on and on I could go!    The best thing about quilting in this day and time ~ the tutorials on line.  They make it so easy and show so many shortcuts and simpler ways to piece blocks.  No wonder I'm in love. 

And all these girls in my life!  They have to experience quilting at least once.  They just have to!


  1. Please please for the love of my life make me a quilt! I would love you forever and always (as if I already don't) but even more. I WANT A QUILT SO BAD.
    Love, Sarah


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