Saturday, April 13, 2013

Little Boy Blue

Sometimes life hands you a squirrely basket.  Sometimes that basket is overflowing with nutty situations.  And then, sometimes, life  hands you a gift basket.  I got a gift basket on the third of this month.  Quite unexpected. But most assuredly appreciated.

I got to fill an empty seat heading to Kentucky.  It was a last minute thing ~ like the day before the trip last minute ~ and the best part is the kids ironed out the details:  mostly the babysitting part of my life.  The rest was easy peasy with only one stipulation ~ I couldn't, repeat, couldn't, be a backseat driver.  No way.  No how.   I was gently told I would be put to the side of the road.  (tee-hee).  I don't know what makes Ben think I'm a backseat driver.  No earthly idea.  I eagerly promised with some hesitation in my mind, 'cause ya know, it's hard giving up control.  Hard I tell ya, but the reward at the end would be well worth minor heart attacks in the back.  Besides, I had a great opportunity to read  (when I wasn't eyeing the road).

I made Jenny promise not to tell the girls I was coming. I wanted it to be a surprise ~ and you never know, things could've gone wonky here before I got the chance to leave.  Then hearts would have been broken all the way around. And I would have been ticked, and cried all week.  No one wants me in that situation.  No one.

I must say the secret kept well and the looks and reactions of the girls was as priceless as it gets.  I would not have traded those moments for all the tea in China!  Three squealed and one broke down in tears.  Chokes me up just reliving the whole thing. Love knows no boundaries when it comes to family.  It's always an open book with tons of chapters to be written.  And I love to write.

I got to spend Thursday and Friday with Hope, Erica, Alicia, Alaina and Little Boy Blue!  Can I just tell you he took my heart right out of my chest the moment I laid eyes on him.  He still has it.  Just when you think you can't squeeze another ounce of love from your body God hands you this:

 A small bundle of Heaven sent love.  Fresh and sweet.  Gentle as a spring breeze.
He has every single one of his Aunties wrapped around that tiny little finger of his.  He couldn't grunt
without being picked up. If he stretched, someone was there. And he certainly didn't have to cry for more than three seconds before being rescued, nuzzled and soothed.  Yes, yes, we think we will keep him.  For. Ev.  Er.

I have more to write about my quick but wonderful trip.  I  shall do that soon.  Very soon.  But for now I must run and do something un-fun like venturing to Wally World.  And we ALL know how I feel about that place. 

But before I go and before I forget, I want to thank Kellifer for borrowing vacation time so I could go, I want to thank Jenny for asking her, and I want to thank Benjamin for taking me. 

It was a wonderful trip. 

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  1. Delightful! What a beautiful boy! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip :)


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