Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kentucky . . . .

I feel like Dan'l Boone.  I need to live in Ol' Ken-tuc.  Yep, I do.  But I am here ~ on the sandy land of the Eastern Shore. None-the-less, I shall be happy where I am ~ so I say to myself. 

The last two days of my mini (unexpected, but very much appreciated) vacation went by in a blur.  Well, for that matter, the whole time there flew by like it had the devil on it's heels!  I barely had time to turn around before I walked back in my own back door.  Ridiculous.

The Saturday before I came home I had the pleasure of being able to go to one of Sarah-Sponda's Guard competitions.  It was great.  Those kids work so hard to do what they do.  And the hard work shows in their performances.  Sarah did a great job and I am so proud of her. 

Sarah during Guard competition.  (I know she's in there ~ I saw her!)

It's a story played out using a combination of rifles, flags, dance and theater.  All set to music.

Then, it was home the next day.  Long drive with pleasant memories and a sad heart at leaving my loves behind:

I Love You

Hope and Baby A ~ who's not a baby anymore :(

Just in case one is curious as to what my boy's agenda was for the weekend, well, he was able to go to
opening day at Keenland (a horse racing track).  It was a fine affair:  suit and tie, dressy clothes for all and the women wore hats! 

2nd day of Keenland ~ not quite as formal.  Handsome
dudes, I must admit.
We won't talk about who won or lost on a horse.  Nope.  For one (or two) it could be painful. 
But even with that, I believe life long memories were made by all.  And Mattie (Ben's friend), well, I think he could just move there with no hesitation at all!

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