Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Woes

October has flown in and almost gone ~ before I could even get caught up with September.  What's up with that?   I truly had good intentions of blogging regularly.  So much goes on and I can't rely on my mind to remember.  It's stubborn that way.  So before November gets here I'd better put pen to paper, as it were, and make note of the goings ons here, lest I forget November gets here first.

Goldilocks broke her little arm.  Yep she did. Her right arm ~ her dominant arm.  She was doing a one-handed cartwheel and came down wrong and heard a loud crack.  Daddy said she was "fine".  But when she woke up next morning, all wasn't fine.   Pops took her to the doctor and the doctor said ~ after x-rays ~ that she had broken a piece off her elbow.  Queasy feeling here.  He said they would probably just cast it and the piece would go back in place, but he wanted her to see the orhtopedic doc.  They would better be able to "diagnose".  She came home with a temporary cast.

Hm ~ not all was well in OZ.  Kelly texted the day of the orthopedic appointment and said they told her she would have to have a pin put in the elbow.  It was worse than the original x-ray showed.  She said Goldi flat out told them,  "No.  You can't do surgery. Can't you just push it back together?".  Needless to say she lost that battle, tears and all.  She was a wreck.

As it turned out, she needed two screws in her little elbow.  I'm so glad she didn't know that before the surgery.  We would have needed to knock her out before she ever left the house.
She is mending nicely.  Her arm was just in an ace bandage with a sling.  The bandage is gone now, and the spoiling can return to a minimum.  Poor thing.  Plus side:  she had scribes to write for her, she became a car rider and basically everyone was at her beck and call.  She couldn't (and still can't) lift anything heavier than a fork until next visit in November. 

And on just as grim a note:  Reasy Peasy's hamster, Chubbles, died.  Poor girl.  The only thing Kellifer had to bury him in was a Tampon make-up box.  They said a little prayer for the poor little thing.  Itty Bitty informed me that they buried Chubbles when the sun was almost gone (sunset) under the trees, in the dirt, that he was still their pet, that they still loved him and they could visit him any time they wanted.  She also informed me that if she really wanted to play with him she could just dig him up!  NO! NO! NO!  I politely told her that being in the ground is what keeps him safe.  When I told Kelly about our conversation (via e-mail), this was her reply:

"Well this conversation was had last night… she said “sooooo I can dig him up when I want to see him if I miss him” almost in unison Ethan and I said NOOOOOO leave him alone he needs to stay in the ground so we can visit him. P- “I sure will miss him. I miss you Chubbles you are my friend”

I feel like she is going to have to stay out of the backyard unless supervised for quite some time.

 Just keep reminding her that he has to stay in the ground he has to. Mom I would simply die if I walked out back and she was carrying around in my “makeup box” simply die….

Glory be.  I still don't have a peace about this.  N. O. No.

Let's just get a grip on the week remaining.  Shall we?

But, likely,
I'll see you in the funny papers.

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  1. Poor little Rease! Poor Chubbles! You have had a tough October my friend! But, I am so glad Goldilocks is mending well and I sure hope you don't see Chubbles again;) Love you!


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