Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Little Boy Blue ~ July Visit

I know you know this Little Fella stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on him!  He just did.  I have no words for it.  But, alas, Little Boy Blue, he is a'growin'. 

And he still melts my heart. 

I think he has taken favor to "someone" and "someone" has taken favor to him (although he won't admit it).

Big  Boy couldn't get too far out of Little Boy's sight.  He made sure he shadowed every move the Big Boy made.  We discovered Little Boy was smitten with baseball!  He would sit with Big Boy and watch all day long if he could.  It was priceless to watch him "hit the ball (with what ever would work as a bat), throw his "bat", run the bases and slide!  We know what his calling is!

Watching the Home Run Derby
on the computer
Then there was the fishing ~ yep ~ even though Little Boy didn't get to fish didn't mean he didn't have a shared interest with the Big Boy.

Let's just see what we can find online to spark our "creative juices" or maybe some sweet boat to pine after.  Who cares as long as it involves a fishing pole, lures, water and a boat!  And speaking of boats, let's just see what Big Boy is up to with his!
A key!

There's lights and buttons
and switches!

Train 'em young we say.  No need to wait 'til they're old and set in their ways.  Nope.

And if it wasn't bad enough he had stolen my heart, Goldilocks was just as smitten with him as me!
She couldn't get enough of him.  Can't say I blame her. 

Be still my beating heart!

I wanted to just put him in a box and hide him until they had gone back home.  I just WANT TO KEEP THAT BOY!

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